mirror, mirror on the wall, What the hell happened?

This being my 100th published blog,

I was thinking I would talk about something

that women as a whole think about every day

but don’t like to admit or even acknowledge.

Men are not excluded

but I can only talk about what I know.

Sorry guys.

Who is that person in the mirror

and when did I let this happen?

hate my body

Whether you have been blessed with good genes or not,

we as women feel the need to find fault in what we see.

Here’s why I am going there.

I can’t think of one single morning

since I was a teenager,

that I haven’t woken up

rolled myself out of bed

(and now being 50, it actually is called rolling)

and not been aware of

 that “wave” motion my mid section

loves to remind me of day in and day out.

Oh sure,

thoughts naturally go to getting my morning coffee

into my system

and what my day will entail,

but hiding in the shadows

in that dark corner of my brain,

a little voice speaks to me

“Kimmie smarten up, you really should lose some weight”

and it’s such a creepy sounding voice.

Now that I have entered the “50” club

some parts of my body that once held their own

seem to mirror a retired person.

 Wanting nothing more than packing things up

and heading further south.

(apparently not just for the winter either)

saggy boobs

Youth never permitted us

to think that gravity would be so harsh

or have us change our bra sizes

from a 34 or 36 firm

to a 38 or 40 long!

Self image

even to those who have been blessed

with fast metabolisms and small bones

can still terrorize the fittest of women.

They too can cut themselves up

by what they see in that

God awful mirror.

What I think is the most hurtful part

is how heavy it weighs on us.

How it may not seem to be bothering us

yet as soon as we put on a piece of clothing,

that is a little to snug all of a sudden,

or in complete horror,

we discover we have gone up a pant size or two,

our minds will start doing that

“oh my God I feel horrible, what the hell happened to me?”

So what do we do?

We immediately shame ourselves.

Some of us hide under larger clothing,

others just simply hide away.

We focus on how disgusted we are for letting things go.

Punish what little part of us that feels good

for being weak and lazy.

Now some incredible women have conquered this

and hats off to them

but sadly that is a small number

otherwise most of you reading this,

wouldn’t still be reading,

would you?

Oh sure,

most of us don’t just throw in the towel.

We actually get past the self hating

and make attempts to revive our spirit

and search for any means

to push us directly into that battle zone.

losing weight naked

I know…

That one scares the b’Jesus out me too

(especially the way I eat spaghetti)

I really wish I had some solution.

Some wise and profound words of comfort

or an immediate remedy

but we all know if that was the case,

any or all fitness companies

would be out of business if we didn’t let it get to us

in one form or another.

In my feeble attempt to hopefully

make light of this one,

it is a serious and life changing problem

for a ton of women out there.

I suppose the best I can do

is allow any of you who struggle with this

to know that I am fighting the same battle you are.

If you nodded or agreed to any portion of this,

just keep in mind

that there were others

nodding and agreeing along with you.

I thought of ending this with some form of inspiration,

but humour has always been the remedy that pulls me through

my darkest moments.

Of course,

this could explain where all my troubles started!

fitness 1

If all else failed,

I sure hope this one at least brightened your day anyway 🙂

Make it a good one!

God Bless~