Thanksgiving without you Dad, but the cheese tray is full!

Along with so many others

glancing at an empty chair

this Thanksgiving

our family will be missing

one very special man.

Eddie, Dad, Papa!

dad mother's day 2014

The idea of our first formal holiday

since he passed,

not having him in the middle

of all the chaos

seems rather pointless

to even celebrate.

Dad had a way of making his rounds

with everybody

and usually keeping us in stitches.

The rules were simple

when it came to holiday festivities,

 Mom did all the planning and preparing

(with Mama of course)

and delegating us girls

as to what we could contribute to the big feast.

 Dad would simply be Mom’s chauffeur

to and from the grocery store

but his main function for turkey day

was what he did best,

Entertainment director!

He wasn’t much of a drinker the last few years

but when he did open a beer,

I used to laugh at him

because he would say things like,

“if your Mother asks, this is my first one!”


“have a beer with me so I’m not drinking alone!”

I would laugh even harder

because after 50 years of marriage,

Mom knew more about his behaviour

than he did most of the time

but it never got old

and was always amusing to watch.

It’s hard to imagine his wonderful presence

that won’t be sitting with us

and how it really won’t ever be the same

without him,

but while remembering some of those fun times,

something came to mind.

Although his physical presence is missing,

his spirit still has so much power.

In every story we share,

or every moment we remember

Dad will really be with us.

Chances are he’ll be

hovering in the kitchen

and probably wondering when

Mama will start making her gravy

or sneaking cheese from the platter in the fridge

knowing if Mom caught him,

she’d holler,

“Eddie, get out of there, that’s for later!”

I would imagine when the camera’s come out,

(and that is standard Stewart tradition if you are a first time reader)

he’ll be in every shot

doing what he loved doing the most,

being a total ham

(or should I say Turkey)

Case in point: Thanksgiving 2012

thanksgiving 2012a

I think the biggest thing to remember

why I should possibly be thankful

is he gave us so many memories

to be thankful for

regardless of what we are dealing with this year.

I actually started to dread this day

but the one thing that keeps

popping into my mind

is he would be heartbroken

if we didn’t continue to love life

and treasure making new memories

as a family

even without him.

I am sure he is so proud of us

although we are all grieving

in our own ways

yet I can envision that little smile is on his face

knowing that we have all come together

not to be saddened

but more so

to gather and regain,

even more strength.

I can’t lie and say it will be easy

not having him here

however he’s been alongside us all along

and nothing made him more at peace

than being thankful

having his family surrounding him.

So if by chance you have an empty chair

and struggling a bit this Thanksgiving

there is a good possibility

those we are missing

are very busy working the room

and if that doesn’t help,

you may wanna check

the cheese platter in the fridge 😉

From our family to yours…

Happy Thanksgiving and may God bless!

Thanksgiving boy and girl


one holiday down…one more to go!

thanksgiving 2

Another Thanksgiving in the books.

Now that we are done giving thanks for the blessings in our lives,

(which for me means I didn’t blow out the seams of my pants this year)

it is back to some form of reality.

With the exception of my American friends and family

who still have more than a month to gear up

and hopefully take note of one very important matter

that could possibly make all the difference in the world

when it comes to celebrating their turkey day.

thanksgiving 1

So we basically survived.

We ate,

we drank

and for some,

that extra plate of turkey

meant one more thing…

We napped!

Some even go as far as not eating all day

because we all know that if you do that,

you’ll have a ton of room for that amazing main course

and all the fixings.

This would be so do-able

but who can resist the appetizers

that take up space

and scream at us

“pick me! pick me!”

(I swear I hear them talking when I’m starving)

Those cute little morsels

we carefully choose

from cheese trays

 to  pickle platters.

Apparently my deviled eggs brought down the house this year

and got a big thumbs up!

thanksgiving 1

Interestingly enough

the end result is always the same.

We eat and drink too much.

Holiday hangover as I like to call it.

Honestly believing that our bodies can handle

more food at one sitting

than we can normally eat in one day.

I suppose this wouldn’t be a true story

if I failed to mention desserts

coming out the ying-yang.

I can’t be the only one

who is full beyond imagination

and still feels the need

to force more pastry and cheesecake down my gullet,

knowing I am pushing my limits with my

ever so comfortable stretchy pants.


With all that being said,

it really isn’t  that bad.

After all,

it’s not like we do this everyday,

and a little over-indulgence never hurt anyone.

However Christmas is lurking

around the next corner,

and I don’t know about any of you,

but something tells me

I should get my act together come the next holiday,

and I really do need to work on my self-control.

However if that doesn’t happen

there is a strong possibility

 Santa will make sure I have a pair of

extra-large stretchy pants

 under the tree with my name on them,

so me and the screaming appetizers

can at least enjoy a pleasant conversation!

Stay thankful everybody!

Make it a great day!