the stage is yours, time to stand…

the universe

With the week that my family just had,

this one certainly rings true.

Of course in the onset of that dreaded phone call,

or emergency,

where the ground beneath you has been shaken,

it’s hard to wrap your head around anything else.

Without thinking you are racing to get to where you need to be,

and the rest of the world is completely oblivious.

Your thoughts are a complete blur and anything of importance

has instantly disappeared into the fog.

Every ounce of energy you do have is

on one person

but what you haven’t realized

is how you are talking to whatever God you place your trust in.

It isn’t until after the fact

that you can rationalize that moment,

and understand exactly what just happened.

I think what amazes me is the power

of all collective thoughts.

We seem to think that it’s our special words of prayer

that makes its way to the “powers that be”

which can make things turn out right,

but what is really happening is

collectively all voices are uniting into

one loud voice!

safe place to be

Fortunately we were blessed with somewhat of a good outcome.

There is still more praying to do

but what happened

silently re-enforces us

that the universe really was doing its thing.

Some call it luck,

some call it coincidence

and that is just fine for whoever you are

but this little girl strongly believes that

regardless of how it all unfolded,

it was something already in place to happen.

Sometimes I wonder why it can be so cruel

to put us through it

but that is nothing we really have any control of

except that maybe it’s about re-evaluating

the power and strength of your mind and belief’s.

I do know of others who are dealing with their own

personal battles and for some of them

may not grasp this one,

but my intention is not to make you think this

is the “be all, and end all” of solutions.

I guess my point is simple really…

When you throw your thoughts up there

thinking you are NOT being heard,

try to remember one important thing…

The stage we stand on,

at one time or another,

may seem that we are doing it solo,

but if you close your eyes and believe…

There is always a choir behind YOU!!

praying hands

If you will excuse me,

Curtain call!

You are all welcome to join me 🙂

Make it a great day everybody!

God bless~