some win medals, others win our hearts!

Yes this is another one about the Olympics.

How can we not be talking about it?

For each and every one of us

there is a feeling.

For some,

it’s just another competition.

Nothing other than a disturbance

to their regular scheduled and favorite television programs.

For others it becomes somewhat of an addiction

and among those

here I am.

watching the games

So why all the fuss?

What’s the big deal?

Sports are sports.

You can catch anyone of them

during their peak seasons

(and not at such odd hours due to some stupid time change)

as long as you have access to a television.

I think it becomes something much more than just games.

Regardless of what country you stand behind

or cheer for

the stories in the background

are some true shining moments.

Now bear with me,

I am Canadian so this may seem bias,

but I can tell you

it will fill your heart with pride.

Human spirit does not discriminate.

 It has no colour,

religious background

or prejudice.

A man named Gilmore hadn’t been skating well

leading up to his big race.

So what did he do?

Turned to his fellow team-mate Denny,

and gave him the opportunity to give us the best chance of a medal

and sacrificing his own last 4 years of training.

So what did Denny do?

Not much more to explain except

that is a silver medal to the left of the picture.

olympic pride

Now hang on…

I have another.

An Olympian is trying to fulfill

his Olympic dream

during his cross-country ski race

and the worst possible thing happens.

His ski breaks.

His dream has come to an end.

How on earth can that be inspiring you are wondering?

From the sidelines

a Canadian coach

rushes out with a spare ski in hand

and straps it on

knowing this poor guy will never come close to winning

but wants to give him the opportunity

to at least finish his race.

canadian ski helper

Goosebumps yet?

I have one more

which I can say brought tears to my eyes.

Women’s snowboarding and 2 sisters

Justine and Chloe

win Gold and Silver.

In the crowd is family

anxiously awaiting the chance to get near them

when the last race has finished

and it is confirmed,

both will stand on the podium beside each other.

In the midst of all the excitement

the camera’s capture Mom hugging one of the girls

and although the noise level was over the charts,

the sounds of both Mother and daughter

sobbing and barely catching their breath

could clearly be heard over

the roars of the crowd

as if nothing else even mattered

at that exact moment in time.


Even describing this one for all of you

once again put a lump in my throat.

These are only a few

I chose to share,

and I can only imagine how many more

we don’t hear about.

So when asked

why I get so obsessed with the games

naturally it’s about the pride of my country,

the determination of our athletes,

the wins and even the losses

but when you see first hand

what a human being is capable of

or feel emotions

that have the ability

to bring tears to your eyes,

do I really have to explain myself?

So if you will excuse me,

there is another week

to prepare myself for

God knows what

on the Olympic

emotional roller coaster,

but you’ll all be happy to know

I will be ready!

I am NOT taking

any chances this week!

tissue dispenser

Best of luck to ALL the athletes!

Make it a great day everybody!