making today count…

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So I come home the other day and as I pull into the driveway,

the last thing I hear as I am about to shut the car off is the radio announcer saying  this.

“Sad news to report, Valerie Harper(star of Rhoda and Mary Tyler Moore) has been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer.

Doctors say she has 3 months to live.”

Like so many of you, my first thought was sheer sadness and compassion.

I haven’t written anything the past week because truthfully this has been weighing on my mind.

I have been deep in thought quite a bit of how someone can even wrap their head around hearing those words.

It’s not like you walk out of the doctor’s office thinking that life looks or is the same from that point on.

You have basically been given a death sentence while you are awake enough to understand it.

I would ask that if you were in those shoes, what you would do?

Realistically it’s easy to come up with some radical solution like maybe travel while you can,

or spend much more time with those you love to savor every single second but it isn’t that easy if those words actually become your new reality.

How can you not be haunted with the fact that the clock is ticking,

and know in your heart that there will be some people you will talk to for the very last time on this earth.

We all have this notion that it happens to others and we are somehow invincible to such a fierce and life shattering impact of our own existence.

The sad part is we don’t even think of such things until we hear of someone else having those devastating words thrown at them and it is only than and for a brief time that we contemplate such a destructive blow.

Let’s face it…

No one wants to look reality in the eye and accept  the fact that we are NOT invincible.

I would love more than anything to tell you that I know exactly what I would do,

but that would simply be a huge lie.

I can’t even imagine where my mind would wander off to.

Sure I would go through every emotion possible,

like so many before me,

but we all face bad news in such different ways.

Some have a strength that is beyond human capacity and others really don’t,

but who are we to judge?

After all,  you did not  hear the words,

you have 3 months to live today,

did you?

I realize this isn’t my usual uplifting story, but life has a way of making us stop and think from time to time,

and for me this week, hearing that news is what had me stop dead in my tracks.

I read a quote a few weeks ago, and actually wrote it down which seems a bit ironic with the thoughts that have been in my mind lately.

It said, “are you living to die, or dying to live?”

Pretty powerful words and if I have you thinking about this right now,

Would you have an answer?

We have heard over and over how important it is to live in the moment,

and by bringing this subject to light,

I hope you take the time to really consider if you are making today count.

 Try to remember something if you can…

Unless your tomorrows have truly become a countdown to a final goodbye,

Today should be one of your best days ever,

so make sure everyone who matters

knows it!

today tomorrow

My wish is not that I make you sad in these thoughts.

My wish is that you stop and appreciate every moment from here on in!

Make it a great day everybody and God bless!