I have a feeling…


My sister and I had this conversation about what life is about to most people.

How we all seem to make it out about wanting and needing.

How we can we so easily by-pass the idea that with all the ups and downs we go through

that we are constantly battling to achieve and succeed in all aspects of life.

The things that make us take a step back are some kind of guide that maybe we have failed in some way.

Take for example

 Who doesn’t wish they had a job they love getting up in the morning to go to?

Or having the perfect relationship and partner?

Of course how can I dismiss that big lottery win as well.

The way I see it…

What we ask for isn’t about what the consequence is,

it’s the feeling you get when you wish about it.

Think about it for second.

When you do get that job that has you smiling and anxious to start your day,

It’s the feeling…

When you come home and the person that you are so blessed to have in your life is waiting for you,

It’s the feeling…

If you win that lottery and you can now help a lot of people get through some tough times,

It’s the feeling…

So I will leave you with this

in the hopes that some of you can understand.

However something tells me,

you will!

 Let’s just call it a feeling 🙂

inspiration 1

Make it a great day everybody!!

God bless!


there is magic everywhere…you just have to look!

eyes of a child

When I first read this one, I couldn’t help but do that,

“awwwwwww, now how sweet is this?”

Nothing says adorable than the innocence and wonder of a child.

So why do we limit it’s meaning to just that?

Oh sure, we are adults and life and all it’s wonder is a million times more challenging and hectic.

We certainly have those “little moments” in our everyday but who has time for all that?

So how about I give you some things that are possibly some magic moments we seem to pay no attention to or have forgotten over the years?

Here goes…

1-Sticking your face deep into your pillowcase after being on the clothesline all day.

(which I am pretty sure there are a few of you who can relate and personally, this isn’t even an option for myself…It’s my ritual!)

2-Pulling an old coat out and finding money in the pocket.

(okay so it  isn’t a magical moment, but it sure makes you feel like you hit the jackpot or something)

3-The smell of a baby especially after bath time and baby powder.

Yes I know, baby powder isn’t recommended because of it’s health risks but just to be clear.

(we were slathered in the stuff like Pigpen and that cloud that surrounded him and you know what?)


4-This is for the girls, because let’s face it ladies…Nothing is more magical than having a really good hair day!

(this is quite possibly the highlight of EVERY woman’s day)

5-A call or a text out of the blue that simply says, “thinking about you”

6-Finding out that a car repair that you anticipated would cost an arm and a leg isn’t even close.

(I have no problem admitting that I have hugged my mechanic for this one)

7-Waking up exhausted, looking at the time in complete panic because you’re thinking you are late and BAM!

It hits you and you realize it’s Sunday morning and you can coast in your pj’s all day if you want to.

(this one is an ultimate favorite of mine and always gets a fist pump and a “hell ya!”)

8-A rainy day at a cottage, as you lay under some warm and cozy blankets listening to the musical sound as it  hits the roof.

(you would stay there all day, but who can resist the aroma of a fresh pot of coffee at camp? Not me, that’s for sure!)

9-A hug or a cuddle from a child who just wants your arms around them so they know they are safe and loved.

(that my friends is complete magic!)

10-A smile from a stranger.

I chose this one to end my list for a reason.

There are a million more I can add but this is how I see it…

The first 9 are not everyday events but special in so many ways.

However the last one is the easiest form of magic to everyone.

It won’t cost you a penny.

It won’t make you sad.

It won’t work against you.

And best of all…

It won’t be forgotten!

life is ironic

I hope your day is filled with magic!!

Make it a great day everybody! 😉