Somedays… all it takes is a hug!

best things happen

Have I got a cute story to verify this one

so sit back and let the smile in your heart shine.

Every Wednesday I leave my door at 6 a.m.

and travel 2 hours to my first store that I service.

Without getting into a whole lot of boring details,

I basically put up and display books and magazines

which requires a bit of muscle but nothing I can’t handle.

Today was really no different from any other day,

and once I arrived I did my thing

and quickly got to the matters at hand.

So there I am singing along to the music playing over the loud-speaker

lugging and lifting things were they needed to go

and basically getting my work groove on.

(Yes I actually do sing out loud and proud to say no complaints)

Not yet anyway.

Now at this point in time,

I become completely unaware of my surroundings

other than where things need to go and so forth.

People will stand and browse at books

so I basically just maneuver around them

getting my work done

making no direct contact.

I don’t bug them and they don’t bug me kinda deal.

Today was a little different though.

I did notice an elderly woman standing over to the side

but again,

I just thought she too was checking things out

until I had bent down to pick something up

and there she was standing right beside me.

Her purse hanging from one arm

with a striking resemblance to Sophia

from the Golden girls.


I stood up and asked if she needed help with anything

and with the cutest little smile

  and shaky voice

what happened next

completely changed my whole day.

She said

“No dear, I am fine but I’ve been watching you work

and you work very hard. Can I give you a hug?”

I will admit for a split second

I thought she might not have been all there in the mind

or got loose from the crazy floor at the hospital

but there was something very normal

and inviting about her voice and smile

so I lifted my arms and said “Absolutely!”

To be very clear,

it wasn’t one of those 2 second hugs

with a mild little hand tap on the back.

She really squeezed me hard

and with meaning.

After our little embrace she said to me,

“I love giving hugs because I always get them back.

It’s the best feeling in the world at my age.”

hugs bring comfort

You’re probably thinking she got her hug and went on her way.


She mentioned to me that she was 91 years old

and her name was Alma.

That hugging is something people should do more

and laughter is the necessity to living a long and happy life.

She was amazed at my strength

lifting the boxes that I had to lift

and told me in her younger days

she wasn’t that strong but she did have 9 children.

I immediately raised my arms up over my head

bent and bowed in her direction and said,

“Alma, having 9 children makes you the Queen of strong.

I am not worthy!”

That actually made her laugh out loud

and I think she even blushed a little.

Before she left me,

she thanked me for the hug and making her laugh

to which I told her,

“No Alma, thank you for making my whole day. Bless your heart.”

Okay so you’re thinking the story ends now.


With the biggest grin on my face

and feeling like this woman was a blessing sent from God,

this day was even brighter than I could have possibly imagined

but just when I thought the moment had passed

I overheard her as she was heading out of the store

say to the cashier,

“That young lady over there works very hard and is such a sweetheart”

and the woman working behind the cash piped up and said,

“Yes she does and that she is!”

Moments like those don’t happen all that often

but a sweet woman quickly reminded me,

it doesn’t really take that much effort

to bring happiness to someone’s day

and at 91 years young,

if she’s still doing it,

the rest of us have absolutely no excuses!

world of nice people

Thank You Alma

Until we meet again

God bless!


Thankful and very blessed…

I am such a rookie on the WordPress site compared to most of you,

but I have to send a huge shout out to all my fellow bloggers and those following This Little Light of Mine.

At 8:36 tonight I made it to 4000 hits and never in my wildest dreams did I think I would get this far

in less than one year.

What a great way to celebrate an anniversary!

From my heart to yours,

I am blessed beyond words and wanted to Thank you all for believing in what I do!

thank you so much

and God Bless~

you get what you give good!!

Today’s story isn’t really about anything specific.

It’s more about gratitude and knowing

that all the things you do

really can make an impact in the lives of others.

That although it seems we hear bad things

about people

more and more every day,

 some days it is just really nice

to hear something that re-enforces us

that good people do surround us,

which is basically the reason

good hearts exist.

kind words 3

Have you ever wondered if being the person you are

even matters sometimes?

When you just try to be a good person,

always available to put light into someone’s day

completely unsure that you even made a difference.

inspiration 6

Well the other day was my day,

to hear that what I stand for really can make an impact.

I got a message from a good friend

telling me that I am a great person

and how I always hit people’s hearts.

Just to be clear,

there really isn’t anything specific I did for this friend,

except be my silly old self on a pretty regular basis

(which for those who don’t know me)

it may have something to do with my incredible ability

to completely alter the lyrics to the songs I sing from the radio)

What can I say, it’s a gift 🙂


That one just caught me right off guard

and came right out of the blue.

When you spend your life just trying to make sure

everyone around you can smile,  laugh,  feel good

or just feel empowered

you really don’t put much thought into being recognized,

but on that day, I definitely felt it.

They say you get what you give

and I have always been a firm believer in that,

but today even more so.

I have to admit

I got a lump in my throat just seeing those words.

Didn’t even see that one coming,

but it sure put a smile in my heart.

Us givers don’t really put much thought into

anything other than being who we are.

No hidden agenda’s or motives,

except knowing that whoever needs us

know full well we are ready and waiting

to do what is in our hearts to give.

I think the main reason I wanted to share this

is because if anyone out there

 who doesn’t think

that the power they have

 when it comes

to being a good person is ever noticed,

I am here to tell you

 Yes, it certainly does!

It may not come very often

but those once in a lifetime moments,

when they do happen,

are the exact reason

why we continue to do what God intended us to do.

sweet people

Although there isn’t any real story to this one,

I just wanted to remind everyone

that it’s never too late to shine light into someone’s day.

That all the wonderful things you do

(even being a silly ass most of the time)

is noticed and appreciated

and really can make a difference in someone’s life.

Thank You so very much my dear friend

 for those kind words.

You definitely made

my heart smile today!

Make it a great day everybody!

God bless~

do we really need to freak out over cheese?

This little story won’t be a long one but something that I realized the other day.

A friend and I were stopping at the local coffee shop to pick up our morning coffee

and as we went through, she had ordered a breakfast sandwich with cheese.

Seems simple enough but when we got to the window,

she noticed it didn’t have the cheese.

In a pretty firm voice she passed it back to me and with a very annoyed manner



As the girl stood there reaching for it,

she apologized for the mix up and hurried to get the right one.

I could feel the anxiety in my friend like she had been purposely picked on.

I turned and said

“no worries, she’s got this.”

As my friend continued to let me know that she was too tired and cranky for this,

that we were running late,

and they should know better,

I calmly said,

“how do you know her morning wasn’t the same, and the first person she gets to greet sets the tone for the rest of her day by losing it about cheese.”

I mean, we are so distracted with what and where we have to be,

could it be possible that the person you deal with first thing in the morning may have just

had a rough morning as well.

From kids to family problems and everything in between.

I really have a big problem with that one.

Long story short,

I looked the drive thru girl in the eye as she passed us our order,

and said…

“I sure hope you have a much better day my dear.”

With a little smile she replied,

“Thank you and you have a great day too!”

Now I have no idea if that little gesture even did a thing,

but freaking out about something as minor as cheese just doesn’t make much sense to me.

(and yes even you coffee nuts as well)

We have all heard the term,

Pay it forward.

I would like to believe that maybe that poor girl

had a rough start of her own,

and by taking that one extra second to say,

“it’s all good”

and a wish for a better day,

could just be all that she needed to change her day!

That’s it for today,

so I will leave you with this…


So if today is your day to stop for morning coffee

and things get a little mixed up.

Look that person in the eyes,

remind yourself that you aren’t the only one in this world dealing with crap.

Take the time for a kind wish before you leave

and I promise you,

there is a really good chance

your day will turn around as well!

I dare ya 😉

Make it a great day everybody!

God Bless!

there is magic everywhere…you just have to look!

eyes of a child

When I first read this one, I couldn’t help but do that,

“awwwwwww, now how sweet is this?”

Nothing says adorable than the innocence and wonder of a child.

So why do we limit it’s meaning to just that?

Oh sure, we are adults and life and all it’s wonder is a million times more challenging and hectic.

We certainly have those “little moments” in our everyday but who has time for all that?

So how about I give you some things that are possibly some magic moments we seem to pay no attention to or have forgotten over the years?

Here goes…

1-Sticking your face deep into your pillowcase after being on the clothesline all day.

(which I am pretty sure there are a few of you who can relate and personally, this isn’t even an option for myself…It’s my ritual!)

2-Pulling an old coat out and finding money in the pocket.

(okay so it  isn’t a magical moment, but it sure makes you feel like you hit the jackpot or something)

3-The smell of a baby especially after bath time and baby powder.

Yes I know, baby powder isn’t recommended because of it’s health risks but just to be clear.

(we were slathered in the stuff like Pigpen and that cloud that surrounded him and you know what?)


4-This is for the girls, because let’s face it ladies…Nothing is more magical than having a really good hair day!

(this is quite possibly the highlight of EVERY woman’s day)

5-A call or a text out of the blue that simply says, “thinking about you”

6-Finding out that a car repair that you anticipated would cost an arm and a leg isn’t even close.

(I have no problem admitting that I have hugged my mechanic for this one)

7-Waking up exhausted, looking at the time in complete panic because you’re thinking you are late and BAM!

It hits you and you realize it’s Sunday morning and you can coast in your pj’s all day if you want to.

(this one is an ultimate favorite of mine and always gets a fist pump and a “hell ya!”)

8-A rainy day at a cottage, as you lay under some warm and cozy blankets listening to the musical sound as it  hits the roof.

(you would stay there all day, but who can resist the aroma of a fresh pot of coffee at camp? Not me, that’s for sure!)

9-A hug or a cuddle from a child who just wants your arms around them so they know they are safe and loved.

(that my friends is complete magic!)

10-A smile from a stranger.

I chose this one to end my list for a reason.

There are a million more I can add but this is how I see it…

The first 9 are not everyday events but special in so many ways.

However the last one is the easiest form of magic to everyone.

It won’t cost you a penny.

It won’t make you sad.

It won’t work against you.

And best of all…

It won’t be forgotten!

life is ironic

I hope your day is filled with magic!!

Make it a great day everybody! 😉

how hard is your life……really??

inspiration 32

Every single time I look at this, it sets me back a few steps.

It is unimaginable that this can happen, especially in the world we see ourselves in.

There is no question that we all encounter our own “kick in the face” moments,

and to some,

this is what dealing with life is all about.

 When you stop and look at the image above,

Ask yourself again…..

How hard is my life ……really??

Take a look at the shoes in your closet for example.

If you are like me, there a few pairs that have seen better days and I really should get rid of them.

There are some that are still in pretty good shape, but always hurt my feet so they just hang out among all the rest of the collection  because honestly I am just too lazy to even bother to throw them out.

How about those few pairs you bought for a special occasion that matched your outfit and have not seen the light of day since?

At this point, can I assume you know where I am heading with this?

Something else to consider.

To so many of us, we have a choice every day.

We aren’t looking through dumpsters for discarded plastic bottles, or any other make shift items to place on our feet which most likely will be worn until the bottoms completely wear out.

We aren’t rummaging through garbage in hopes of finding a pair of old worn sneakers with holes in them thinking we have hit the jackpot to get us through another year.

Our big dilemma is which pair to choose from, and if we don’t like the choices we have,

off to the shoe store to eventually add to the shoe closet graveyard.

So once again, ask yourself…..

“How hard is my life?”

Something tells me that right about now, it really isn’t that horrible.

At least that’s what I am thinking as I glance over to the stockpile of shoes in my closet.

My intention when I decided to write this was not to have us feel guilty about what we have or feel sorry for those who don’t,

but rather stop and think about how fortunate we really are.

The very next time you hear the words

“walk a mile in someone’s shoes”

that should be the time you think about that closet of yours

and the choices you are lucky enough to make every single day.

That image represents so much more than a pair of shoes, but it’s message is very clear.

Something as simple as picking a pair of shoes is such a minor decision to start off your day,

but always remember, that for some…….


Be thankful, feel blessed and above all………

Make it a great day everybody!!