OH GOD…did you hear me?


Reading this one,

it’s sure makes sense doesn’t it?

Seriously how many of us start any prayer

with “Hey big guy, what’s up?”


“I was thinking about you and thought I’d drop by and see how you are.”

He’d probably faint if any one of us said,

“Nothing to ask for today, just checkin’  on you my friend!”

All I know is whatever God we speak to

when we need some serious help,

he must be one hell of a multi-tasker

or at least have the ability to turn the hearing-aid down sometimes.

(parents of the world probably understand that one more than anybody)

Can you imagine the noise and confusion up there with all those cries for help.

Sitting there and having every voice in the planet talking at the same time,

and each one of us demanding our needs be met first.

(because we all know that our problems are much bigger and way more important than everyone else’s …right?)

Our belief is that he is always smiling and listening and ready,

but if we really stop and think about it,

who looks like a million bucks or can even function

when they are sleep deprived and being hammered with plea’s of desperation?

(the idea of anyone trying to speak to me before my first cup of coffee and a sleepless night

is enough to make me cast all kinds of spells)


However that spirit we look to is always there.

Never in a physical sense, but we count on its ability to hear us.

On call for any emergency, and although some times we think

it doesn’t help us or even listens to us,

we still put every ounce of faith that

maybe this time,

our wish will be heard.

Isn’t it interesting that in the times that we get so mad

because the big guy didn’t do what we asked,

or took away our pain,

how easy our blame and lack of faith jumps in.

Can you imagine if he gave up on us that quickly?

All the wonderful things that we did get in this life would have never happened.

Look at the people you have surrounded yourself with,

(even those not with you today)

and how blessed you feel knowing they came into your world.

Just that idea alone is one of his miracles and yet

we need to ask for more.

 The amazing thing especially in all the confusion

(and yes the blaming)

he still listens!

My advice…

the next time you ask for that “miracle”

don’t just expect the outcome,

be thankful he doesn’t use the volume control on that hearing aid!

Scrunchin’  your eyes and a big Thank You,

probably wouldn’t hurt either 😉

hi god

Make it a great day everybody

 and God bless!