It was a VERY good year!

Well Miss Elli

today is one whole year

since I introduced the youngest member

of our family to the world

(and as luck would have it)

it’s also Easter Sunday today.

Definitely a day of blessings.

So much has changed since

that first story I wrote to you.

elli 3Life in the beginning was basically

sleeping, eating and pooping

and that was all I was really able to tell people

about my little cousin

however over the course

of your very first year on this planet

some things have definitely changed

and I thought

how cool would it be

if I shared them

so when you get older

and have absolutely

no memory of them

(and there’s a good chance some of us old farts won’t remember either)

that hopefully some of these pictures

can shed some light

for you.

Where to start?

You have your very own eating chair

and can feed yourself.

Mommy and Daddy

fold it up and take it everywhere.

 Your hand to eye co-ordination

needs some practice

but it’s a work in progress

and you are getting there.

elli eating 2014

What else to report?

Oh yes,

you went swimming

and not only can you dunk like a pro

but you were the cutest

little girl at the pool that day.

Your Daddy’s smile

says it all.

dec 18-13

With so many new adventures

on your horizon

it looked like your artistic side

was emerging.

Mommy put a paintbrush

and some paint into those cute little hands

and your creative side was born.

Now don’t be alarmed,

there are some people

who say body painting

is a form art and you Miss Elli

definitely aced it!

elli and mommy paintingAt this point

I suppose I should mention that

you are a little girl on the move now.

It seems you have an adventurous side

and sitting still

just isn’t an option anymore.

Not quite walking but

as I am typing there’s a very good

chance you’re taking that first wobbly step.

It isn’t really slowing you down however,

one minute you’re not there

and then


there you are!

Dec 09-13My goodness,

I could go on and on

about all the new and exciting things

your first year has been about

like waving bye-bye

(which started out a bit backwards)

and basically had all adults waving to themselves

when it was time to go

or the second you heard music

one leg had its very own

lift and kick move

with a little baby butt action.

(you might want to check with Mommy or Daddy)

  I  believe there is a video of that epic moment.

Oh and I must not forget

you had your very own

“peeps” that you loved to hang out with.

A small gang,

but such a cute bunch.

elli and her peeps

God knows there are pictures

that trace every step of the way

of your first year

and all I wanted to do

is give you a glimpse

of some of your treasured moments.

Elli Bea,

you were a blessing to us

the minute you entered our world,

and a year later

you are loved even more

(if that is at all possible)

From the kad-zillion pictures

to choose from to say

Happy 1st birthday Miss Elli,

I think I’ll pick one

that is hands down

your Memere’s favourite

of the two of us

and without a doubt,

mine too 🙂

Apr 16-14

Happy Birthday and Happy Easter Elli Bea!

Can’t imagine what exciting things

will happen for you in year 2

but I will say this…

Next year,

it’s my turn to wear the ears 😉

Have a wonderful birthday Sunshine!

Love You ❤


a little something Daddy taught us…

 Today’s story is a classic in the Stewart household.

I have to admit that I really don’t remember that day but through all the years,

it has been a family story passed down to us as soon as we were old enough to understand.

So here is my version…

me and Debbie 1

I am the oldest of my three sisters,

but only 10 months and 3 weeks older than Debbie.

(she is the one with the fountain on her head and she still squints her eyes like that when taking pictures)

So now that I have embarrassed us both,

let me tell you our little story.

Debbie and I both were in the same kindergarten class.

On one particular day our teacher, Mrs Kilby,

asked if any of us had anything we would like to share with the class.

It seems Debbie and I needed to share a rhyme our Daddy taught us.

(my Dad was a big influence on us, so any of you who know him, are fully aware that this story will have a twist)


Need I say more?

So there we both stood front and center

proud as little peacocks,

facing  the whole class along with our teacher,

(who stood directly alongside us and probably in a bit of fear as to what would come out of our mouth’s)

and announcing that we had a poem to share.

As the teacher nodded and gave us the go ahead,

which is surprising because Mrs Kilby was a longtime friend of Dad’ and knew what he was capable of

but still gave us the go ahead anyway.

(think it’s safe to say with fingers crossed behind her back at this point)

 So Debbie and I began in harmony with our favorite poem.

Here it is…

“Mary had a little lamb,

His fleece was black as charcoal.

Every time he jumped the fence,

You could see his little…

“FREEZE!!!!!”  screamed our teacher.

“That’s all for today class!”

Dad got a phone call at work  that day!

Something tells me she definitely used the word that rhymed with “charcoal” and probably a few others as well.

The funny part of that day was I think she tried to teach us the proper verse but Debbie and I told her,

“That’s what Daddy taught us and that’s how it is!”

We both still laugh about it,

because trying to remember the true poem is a difficult thing  for both of  us,

still to this day.

If memory serves me correctly,

Debbie and I were never asked again to share that year,

which was a good thing because song lyrics were another specialty of Dad’s as well

(just ask us to sing “the lion sleeps tonight”…Dare Ya!)

me and Debbie

This is just one little memory of a million more,

but I thought this would be the cutest story

to start your day with 🙂

Make it a great day everybody!