how hard is your life……really??

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Every single time I look at this, it sets me back a few steps.

It is unimaginable that this can happen, especially in the world we see ourselves in.

There is no question that we all encounter our own “kick in the face” moments,

and to some,

this is what dealing with life is all about.

 When you stop and look at the image above,

Ask yourself again…..

How hard is my life ……really??

Take a look at the shoes in your closet for example.

If you are like me, there a few pairs that have seen better days and I really should get rid of them.

There are some that are still in pretty good shape, but always hurt my feet so they just hang out among all the rest of the collection  because honestly I am just too lazy to even bother to throw them out.

How about those few pairs you bought for a special occasion that matched your outfit and have not seen the light of day since?

At this point, can I assume you know where I am heading with this?

Something else to consider.

To so many of us, we have a choice every day.

We aren’t looking through dumpsters for discarded plastic bottles, or any other make shift items to place on our feet which most likely will be worn until the bottoms completely wear out.

We aren’t rummaging through garbage in hopes of finding a pair of old worn sneakers with holes in them thinking we have hit the jackpot to get us through another year.

Our big dilemma is which pair to choose from, and if we don’t like the choices we have,

off to the shoe store to eventually add to the shoe closet graveyard.

So once again, ask yourself…..

“How hard is my life?”

Something tells me that right about now, it really isn’t that horrible.

At least that’s what I am thinking as I glance over to the stockpile of shoes in my closet.

My intention when I decided to write this was not to have us feel guilty about what we have or feel sorry for those who don’t,

but rather stop and think about how fortunate we really are.

The very next time you hear the words

“walk a mile in someone’s shoes”

that should be the time you think about that closet of yours

and the choices you are lucky enough to make every single day.

That image represents so much more than a pair of shoes, but it’s message is very clear.

Something as simple as picking a pair of shoes is such a minor decision to start off your day,

but always remember, that for some…….


Be thankful, feel blessed and above all………

Make it a great day everybody!!