can you spare some change?

Opening with this one,

is what we all walk around intending to do,

but how true to our words are we?

good deed 2

As we carry on with our everyday lives,

and especially with the hustle and bustle

of the Christmas season,

do we even understand the “true” meaning

of giving at Christmas.

Today as I went out to do some last-minute shopping,

I passed an elderly homeless man standing at an intersection

begging for change.

I have passed many in the last month or so

and like so many,

would run through my mind

things like,

“why doesn’t he get a job like the rest of us?”


“bet he just spends the money on cigarettes, alcohol or drugs so why should I bother?”

Well there is something about the season

that gets to me.

As I sat in my warm car idling at the light

listening to Brenda Lee Rockin’ around the Christmas tree,

knowing that on a cold night like tonight

I would more than likely not need that extra blanket

because I had the luxury of turning the heat up,

and I had some hot chocolate

(with marshmallows of course)

for an extra shot of warmth if I needed it.

I realized as I watched him sway from one foot to the other,

how cold he must have been

standing there with his cardboard in hand

with the words

“homeless, hungry and poor”

pleading for whatever change anyone could spare.

Something came over me,

and without hesitation,

 I reached into my jacket pocket,

found a handful of change

and as soon as I was pulled up close enough

I handed him the money

saying Merry Christmas buddy!

good deed 1

He smiled back,

said God Bless you

and wished me the same.

The interesting part was the looks I got

from cars who passed me.

It was like I had done something

unspeakable and I could almost imagine

the gasps as their eyes gazed my way.

What came to me

is now wasn’t the time to judge,

or condemn.

 I’ll tell you something.

I drove away not only feeling like I did something good for him,

but I did something good for me.

I put my opinions aside,

left my “better than thou” attitude at the door,

believed that another human being needed a hand

and did what just felt right in my heart.

I wouldn’t allow myself to think the worst

of what he did with the money,

but rather that I gave

giving at Christmas

it’s true meaning.

Knowing my measly contribution

wouldn’t be his Christmas miracle,

I could only wish he at least got something hot to eat.

I did not write this one

to open up a discussion about anyone’s opinions

or beliefs of those down on their luck.

I wrote this to hopefully remind us

that we are all God’s children,

and if we want to play the role

of peace and love

especially during the holidays,

save your 2 cents for what really matters!

good deed 3

Have a beautiful Christmas everybody!

God Bless


there’s nothing like receiving Christmas “presence”…

Christmas magic

There is something to be said

about the magic of the season.

No question about the anticipation,

the beauty of Christmas lights

glowing so brightly

throughout the world.

A fresh covering of white snow,

 weighing down tree branches

as far as the eye can see.


That sense of amazement in a young child’s eyes

when that certain gift under the tree

is placed in front of them.

Even the hustle and bustle

of shopping in crowded malls

to slowly cross off gifts

on that famous list

is a huge part of what the holiday season

is all about.

Let us not forget

the emotion attached to

every Christmas carol we hear

from Oh Holy night

to I’ll be home for Christmas

that can bring shivers to our soul.

So now that I have described almost exactly

what this time of year brings

to so many of us,

there is also one more thing

that is also a big part

of what we have to endure.

Those who are NOT standing among us.

Whether God took them

within the year,

or previous ones,

their absence becomes a large part of our heart.

Of course it’s about missing them,

wishing they could be sitting at the dinner table

sharing one last meal.


Hearing that laughter one more time

while opening gifts

or just gathered at the kitchen table

among family and friends

feeling a sense of comfort and togetherness.

Not to say that any other time of year

has less meaning,

but Christmas is and has

always been about

peace on earth.

Showing kindness and love.

Time spent with family and friends

but most of all


So it only stands to reason

why our hearts carry a bit more weight

in the weeks leading to the big day.

Reminders of their time on this earth

circles us

around every turn.

As busy as we all may get,

and without fail,

our minds will wander off

to our very own special moments

 from time to time.

A conversation,

a moment that only you shared with them

or maybe just their smile

that has never left you.

Regardless of what you carry with you,

it is never easy.

Of course through the years,

and only in time

does the ache in your heart subside

but as every season approaches,

that emptiness really never disappears.

Not to say there is any good news about our loved ones

who are not with us

to share another year of celebration,

but if you stop and think about it,

what they have left us

is a reminder of how much appreciation

we should have

right here and right now.

In no way do I make light of the hurt in anyone’s heart,

or that I have the answers to any of this.

We all have our own ways to push through

the hard moments,

but I would hope that maybe this year,

if or when that special someone

does comes to mind,

that you imagine them smiling at you,

and urging you to take a good look

at who is among you this holiday season

and how fortunate and blessed you are

to have this time together.

Our angels

if given one chance

would tell us to treasure these moments.

Hug harder,

laugh louder,

smile bigger,

love better,

but most of all,

tell us that the magic we feel

could be them

standing alongside us

this holiday season

and still being apart of it all.

hands ghost

After all,

another word for gift

would be


I wish you all Peace and Love!

A very Merry Christmas from my family to yours.

~God Bless everybody~

A Christmas flashback…

occasion xmas 6

Well gang,

here we go again!

Most of us trying so desperately

to find the Christmas spirit

or in some cases

just trying to find a parking spot.

Not sure about any of you,

but when I am about ready

to play bumper cars

in any parking lot

this time of year,

I can’t help but wonder

what all this talk is about

when it comes to

“the economy”


Out doing a service call for work

and while driving past one mall

in the middle of a week

and glancing to my left,

I actually found myself

mumbling these words.

“Does anyone have a day job in this city?”

I guess what I find interesting

is it really wasn’t all that long ago

when stores

(here where I live anyway)

were only open Thursday and Friday nights

until 9:00 in the evening,

Saturdays till 5:30

(some of you young ones may want to sit down for this one)

Would you believe that Sundays

the malls were not even open.


How on God’s green earth

(or should I change that to white)

did anyone have the time

to get their shopping done back than?

Even worse,

there was no

“online shopping”

Just a quick note:

Growing up,

I don’t recall it ever being cancelled.

Somehow people managed to co-ordinate

their time and schedules

with Santa

to get things on those lists

checked off

(and twice I may add)

Now that is what would have been called

“a Christmas Miracle”



I suppose it’s something

we really can’t ever go back to.

Sad to say

but it was

what it was,

and it is

what it is.

Just do me a favor though.

As someone who worked retail,

and thinking back than

that at Christmas time

how exhausted I was,

and that I had no life with all the hours

I had to put in,

(after you have safely found a parking spot of course)

take a second to consider

the person working those extra long hours,

especially on a Sunday.

That being said,

they weren’t as lucky as us old folks.

When they are done taking care of your needs,

and in a mad dash to get their shopping done

(which may explain the packed parking lot in the middle of the week)

they too deserve a Christmas miracle,

or at the very least…

a parking spot 😉


Make it a great day everybody!

~God Bless~