who’s ready to chase some rainbows?

inspiration rainbows

I realize there are some

that will get this

and some that won’t

but if there’s anything I am hoping for

once you have read it,

is that you allow yourself

time to just sit and think about it.

We are not put on this earth to simply exist

or present ourselves as emotional warriors,

unscathed or unfeeling,

simply because we come across as upbeat

and seeming as if nothing

can phase us

especially when life

certainly has a way of reminding us

that it isn’t just sunshine or lollipops

or we are as invincible

as everyone might think we are.

Being an eternal optimist,

immunity to suffering is something

we go through like everyone else

but I truly believe that perspective

is the fine line between

winning or losing our battles.

If you cut us

we will bleed

but let me try to explain

as best as I can

why our healing times

might seem a little quicker.

With every success,

every failure or disappointment

in which the curve of life throws at us

we are meant to learn and grow

as individuals.

It is not only about

it just being easy

and without challenge

or being foolish enough to think

that any of us go through life without

our share of emotional scars or broken hearts.

Keeping ourselves trapped into a darkness

that can and will at most times

tear us apart

or to some extent

remove what faith

we may have once believed in so much

when we allow our minds to take us

and keep us there.

Adversity and acceptance

is our way of growing.

Not saying it’s easier

but for all us “rainbow chasers” out there

it’s our way of not only pulling ourselves through

the beautiful moments,

but to give us

on some level

strength to push through the hard ones

and trust me,

this year has been a tough one.

As we approach yet another New year,

we gear ourselves up

into thinking

that what we put our hopes and wishes into,

 should actually happen

and on some level of delusion

believe they will come true

simply because we asked for them

just like everybody else,

but if there is one thing that makes perfect sense to me now

as I sit and think about what I would want

for this New Year if asked,

there is absolutely no doubt

what my response would be.

new year 365 if lucky

That being said,

there is nothing wrong with making ourselves better

even in times of loss.

There is nothing wrong with wanting for others

the happiness and joy they deserve

even though we’ve been denied that feeling

in our own tragic moments.

There is nothing wrong with

accepting  failure or loss

just so long as we understand

it should never be what defines us.

The creation of man

happened for a reason

and I would hate to think

that the only question we ask ourselves

at the end of the day

when things don’t go as planned is

what are we here for

or why even bother?

Each of us were created to make a difference.

Some in big ways and some in little

but the concept really has no bearing

on what it is you do

when you navigate through this life

but rather how you learn

to do it the best way

that you know how

while you are still here.

So take a moment to really look at your life.

Good or bad,

happy or sad,

ask yourself one very important question

especially with who surrounds you this year.

Look at those who know your story

before you decide on what it is

you expect for this coming New Year.

Whether you are a “resolution” person or not,

we all have expectations to improve our lives.

By all means work on improving yourself.

Health and fitness,

success and finance’s

spiritual and emotional


they can all lose some appeal

if the people you love the most

aren’t there to cheer for you

or watch you succeed.

So now that I have your attention

decide on what truly matters

come the first new day of the year.

Remind yourself that although life isn’t perfect

or fair at times,

and during the “storms”

where you seem to feel the safest

hiding under a blanket

like some kind of cloaking device,

you really have to ask yourself,

“If I don’t take a peek,

could I be missing something incredible?”

You can remain negative and blind

wasting time under your dark clouds,

or you can change your focus,

accept and acknowledge

that it will be hard to do

and throw away the fear that is holding you back.

The choice is

and will always be


This picture is courtesy of my sister

who said Good morning to my Dad up in heaven

on her drive into town one day

and lo and behold this appeared

giving her enough time to pull over

and take this picture before it quickly disappeared.

From above,

his message was clear.

NEVER stop chasing rainbows!

debbies rainbow

Wishing you all

a year of endless possibilities,

the courage to face whatever may come

but above all 

an unexpected rainbow 

at the very moment you may need one!

From my family to yours,

Happy New Year and may God Bless xoxo


Dear friend, you gotta a minute?

True story!

A few old friends FINALLY get together,

have a terrific evening

laughing and reflecting on good times

and when all is said and done,

these are the words that follow.

“Why did we wait so long to do this?”

which got me to thinking

so here goes…


Life has such a way of keeping us busy

and for the most part

out of touch.

We manage throughout every stage of our lives

to make connections with special people

we weren’t really expecting

to appear in the first place,

but they do.

Fate has us meeting the friends we were supposed to meet

who instantly become special pieces of our hearts.

Never forgotten are the cherished memories

 and yet the one thing we all manage to do

is let this thing called


draw us away from each other.

Relationships, careers, kids

and everything else in between

is the wedge that can put months and even years

between it all

and not to say there is anything wrong with that,

but as time quickly slips away

and the years begin falling behind us

it’s not until than that we will actually

try to put some perspective into things.

We start making statements like

“why did we wait so long for this to happen?”


“I can’t believe it’s been this long since we’ve seen each other.”

I don’t think it’s a conscious effort

to ignore or push anyone aside.

Life just gets stupid

and we all fall into that trap

which can make it difficult to gather

but sometimes a phone call is all that is needed

to get the ball rolling,

however there is one thing that we kind of forget

when we are trying to justify our reasons.

 Did you know the telephone was invented in 1876,

(and yes I had to Google that to be sure of myself)

so unless you live in a cave,

 could you be thinking

what I am thinking?

“What the hell excuse do I have now?”

What is interesting

is if we do manage to squeeze in

a much-needed gathering

or get together,

how quickly we realize how time has flown by

once we make the effort.

How precious the moments we once shared

have now brought us back to such an incredible time of our lives.

How much funnier the stupid things we did together

can have us splitting our sides

like it did back in the day

and best of all

how the endearing qualities of our friendships

is what is missed the most

when we actually stop making all those damn excuses.


I am no better than most

and I have found myself saying things like,

“we have to get together”


” I’ll call you soon.”

which is usually followed silently

in my own mind with

“before it’s too late”


“before one of us is gone.”

Sorry for the reality check,

but at this stage of the game,

nothing can stop you dead in your tracks

like regret

or missed opportunities.

As I bring this to an end

what I suppose I’m aiming for

isn’t so much that skies open up for you,

or you have one of those

“A-Ha!” moments

and begin calling every person that matters

on your contact list today

but rather just planting the seed

that life is very short.

As the saying goes


One more thing to add

is although it may be something that fills your heart

with peace and contentment

once you decide to stop with the excuses

and make that call

or set up a much-needed get together,

there is a very good chance

that the word


will quickly be replaced with the word


How incredible is that?

So if you will excuse me,

I am feeling the need

to make a few calls 🙂

Make it a great day

and God bless my friends!

Dear Dad, I know you can hear me…

It’s been just over a week

and although his heart stopped beating,

his legacy and life will live on!

Dad with cowboy hat

With every memory

and every story

we still feel your presence Dad.

There isn’t one person

who you have made an impact on that can’t smile

the minute your name is mentioned.

Whether it be a silly moment

(and there are quite a few of those)

or a sentimental one

your true character as a man

made a difference in the lives you did touch.

It’s interesting that before God took you

to fly among angels

how reading words or poems

regarding living life to the fullest

or not to take life for granted

were only words

scribbled on a page

without true meaning

until now.

be grateful

I know you are watching over us,

especially Mom and Mama

and honestly Dad,

I have felt your presence the instant

you left.

I never thought I would have this kind of strength

or composure but somehow

you are with me and sometimes I swear

I can feel your hand on my shoulder

and even the odd time or two

it’s as if you are whispering into my ear.

I know you hear me every time I get into my car

because that is my time to check in with you.

“Good morning Edward”

and I still hear you reply

“Good morning Kimberley”

as we always did before.

I know you hear me asking that you keep a close eye on Mom and Mama,

that you not miss a beat with Debbie, Nat, Corrie and myself,

and above all smile with your grand children

and guide them as only their Papa could ever do.

Naturally we speak of your sisters,

your brother in-laws and your sister-in-law

and your son in-laws as well.

We run through your niece’s, your nephews

and all other relatives

because I know that tender heart of yours

and you wouldn’t want to miss one single person.

 From there on we cover

all those amazing friends

who became a close piece of your heart

through out every stage of your life.

Somehow I envision that you have

a whole bunch of your sticky notes up there

just to make sure there isn’t one person you may miss.

This is going to be a tough Father’s Day without you Dad

but if there is one thing I will be counting on

is you will be among us when we gather.

Mom has brought you home

and the really good thing now is

I am sure your hearing is perfect

so no more struggling to hear what we are saying.

You will hear that we love you

more than life itself,

that we Thank you

more than you will ever know,

how we miss you

every second of the day

but above all…

How very blessed

and proud

we all feel

to have had you in our lives!

Oh and not to worry Dad,

our father’s day golf game is still a go.

Your grand children want to come with me

to share that day

in your honour.

Something tells me

we’re going to need your assistance


 Also we are going to plant wild flower seeds

at the 3rd hole

to represent your only hole in one.

Putting an end to this is harder than I thought

so I will finish with a quote

my cousin Jennifer sent us

knowing how meaningful it truly is

and that if Dad could tell us one thing,

this would definitely be it!

family tree

Happy Father’s day Dad

Love you always and forever

I know you can hear me!


It was a VERY good year!

Well Miss Elli

today is one whole year

since I introduced the youngest member

of our family to the world

(and as luck would have it)

it’s also Easter Sunday today.

Definitely a day of blessings.

So much has changed since

that first story I wrote to you.

elli 3Life in the beginning was basically

sleeping, eating and pooping

and that was all I was really able to tell people

about my little cousin

however over the course

of your very first year on this planet

some things have definitely changed

and I thought

how cool would it be

if I shared them

so when you get older

and have absolutely

no memory of them

(and there’s a good chance some of us old farts won’t remember either)

that hopefully some of these pictures

can shed some light

for you.

Where to start?

You have your very own eating chair

and can feed yourself.

Mommy and Daddy

fold it up and take it everywhere.

 Your hand to eye co-ordination

needs some practice

but it’s a work in progress

and you are getting there.

elli eating 2014

What else to report?

Oh yes,

you went swimming

and not only can you dunk like a pro

but you were the cutest

little girl at the pool that day.

Your Daddy’s smile

says it all.

dec 18-13

With so many new adventures

on your horizon

it looked like your artistic side

was emerging.

Mommy put a paintbrush

and some paint into those cute little hands

and your creative side was born.

Now don’t be alarmed,

there are some people

who say body painting

is a form art and you Miss Elli

definitely aced it!

elli and mommy paintingAt this point

I suppose I should mention that

you are a little girl on the move now.

It seems you have an adventurous side

and sitting still

just isn’t an option anymore.

Not quite walking but

as I am typing there’s a very good

chance you’re taking that first wobbly step.

It isn’t really slowing you down however,

one minute you’re not there

and then


there you are!

Dec 09-13My goodness,

I could go on and on

about all the new and exciting things

your first year has been about

like waving bye-bye

(which started out a bit backwards)

and basically had all adults waving to themselves

when it was time to go

or the second you heard music

one leg had its very own

lift and kick move

with a little baby butt action.

(you might want to check with Mommy or Daddy)

  I  believe there is a video of that epic moment.

Oh and I must not forget

you had your very own

“peeps” that you loved to hang out with.

A small gang,

but such a cute bunch.

elli and her peeps

God knows there are pictures

that trace every step of the way

of your first year

and all I wanted to do

is give you a glimpse

of some of your treasured moments.

Elli Bea,

you were a blessing to us

the minute you entered our world,

and a year later

you are loved even more

(if that is at all possible)

From the kad-zillion pictures

to choose from to say

Happy 1st birthday Miss Elli,

I think I’ll pick one

that is hands down

your Memere’s favourite

of the two of us

and without a doubt,

mine too 🙂

Apr 16-14

Happy Birthday and Happy Easter Elli Bea!

Can’t imagine what exciting things

will happen for you in year 2

but I will say this…

Next year,

it’s my turn to wear the ears 😉

Have a wonderful birthday Sunshine!

Love You ❤

true story…I swear!

Today’s tidbit of information

will probably clarify any rumours

that all Canadians actually love winter.

Exhibit A:

i am your wife

Too dramatic?

You may be laughing

but to some of us

hearing the dreaded words

“more snow on the way”

is yet another deflating idea

to complete the simplest of daily tasks.

Exhibit B:

going to the store

Again, over the top?

Now the thing is

there are actually many

who welcome the new and snowy season

with that “childlike” enthusiasm

and acceptance of whatever old man winter

has in store this wintry season

but as I have quickly learned in my later years,

it doesn’t take too long,

especially in the midst of January

and a few blizzard conditions

under our belts,

the tides do turn.

Exhibit C:

winter sucks

Even the toughest and happiest

winter people lose their spirit

when shovelling their driveways

more than twice in one day.

weather winter shoveling

As humorous as this may be sounding,

 the biggest confirmation of all

that most Canadians just don’t want to deal

with one more winter

comes to us from the cities of anywhere

beach sand and golf courses exist

and when asked why did you leave

the beauty of Canada,

this pretty much sums it up!

snowbirds florida

Now a large portion of Canadians

don’t have the privilege or financial luxury

of heading to the sunny south.

Some are still too young  to retire

and patiently waiting to trade in

snow-boots for sandals.

The thing is these folks

 can be a little edgy when the topic of winter

comes to light.

(I know this, because I am one of them)

 I suppose I should

 forewarn you when confronting

these Canadians or taking a chance

on asking how life is going

in their neck of the woods

to please be prepared.

This may look like a typical, polite Canadian

out for a brisk winter walk

simply breathing into their scarf

on a very cold day

breathing in cold air

but I feel it necessary to warn you

to not be fooled.

We talk to ourselves in extreme cold conditions,

and we use the other

descriptive “F” word.

I will end this with a winter poem

that best describes

“winter hating Canadians”

who can recite it by heart!

winter poem

Suppose I have revealed another rumour.

We sure swear a  lot  🙂

Hang in there and make it a great day everybody!

almost 50 years later…

50 birthday

It seems with this one quickly approaching

I have been in deep thought

about what the big Five-O really stands for.

I mean,

there are a million ideas

floating around

like looking back on 5 decades of being on this earth

and how I can sum up,

in a nutshell,

what I can say about my life.

Oh sure,

I can talk about the hardships,

or how much I would love to be able to go back

and change some things,

but isn’t everything I went through

the reason I am who I am to this very day.

I can’t say that my life has been a bed of roses,

there were times I questioned the events of my life

and thought I would never climb out,

but the astounding part is,

 I did!

All I know is I am so glad

 I didn’t pay much attention

to the numbers through the years,

or this story could have went in

a whole different direction.

aging 15

Laughter and taking everything with a grain of salt

sure has been my saving grace.

Throw in the fact that I have been blessed

with an incredible, supportive and loving  family

who allow me to act my fool self,

or friends who have no problem

admitting they know me in public,

may explain my moments of silliness.

Now that I have re read this,

you people could very well be the reason

I act the way I do.

aging 17

It’s been an interesting journey,

and as I look back,

I am amazed at how quickly it flew by.

What I have realized the most

is a large portion of my time

was about trying to will the minutes or days

to hurry and be over with

(especially the tough times)

only to understand the true meaning of

“this too shall pass”

Here is how I look at my life now.

I keep the memories alive in my mind

(even the bad ones)

not to dwell or stay in the past

but rather to remind myself,

“Kimmie, you have come a long way kiddo”

My riches didn’t come from money

or a successful career.

They came from the people who have surrounded me,

supported me,

and most of all

accepted me.

I worked for everything I ever had

which is not to say

I had anything close to a hard life,

but through it all

and 50 years later,

I can honestly say…

aging 13

Just to be clear…

I wouldn’t be approaching anything,

if I didn’t have all of YOU!

Let me end this

with what I truly believe

is my destiny.

aging 15

(you really didn’t think I’d end this on a serious note…did you?)

Much love to you all!

 ~God Bless~

there’s nothing like receiving Christmas “presence”…

Christmas magic

There is something to be said

about the magic of the season.

No question about the anticipation,

the beauty of Christmas lights

glowing so brightly

throughout the world.

A fresh covering of white snow,

 weighing down tree branches

as far as the eye can see.


That sense of amazement in a young child’s eyes

when that certain gift under the tree

is placed in front of them.

Even the hustle and bustle

of shopping in crowded malls

to slowly cross off gifts

on that famous list

is a huge part of what the holiday season

is all about.

Let us not forget

the emotion attached to

every Christmas carol we hear

from Oh Holy night

to I’ll be home for Christmas

that can bring shivers to our soul.

So now that I have described almost exactly

what this time of year brings

to so many of us,

there is also one more thing

that is also a big part

of what we have to endure.

Those who are NOT standing among us.

Whether God took them

within the year,

or previous ones,

their absence becomes a large part of our heart.

Of course it’s about missing them,

wishing they could be sitting at the dinner table

sharing one last meal.


Hearing that laughter one more time

while opening gifts

or just gathered at the kitchen table

among family and friends

feeling a sense of comfort and togetherness.

Not to say that any other time of year

has less meaning,

but Christmas is and has

always been about

peace on earth.

Showing kindness and love.

Time spent with family and friends

but most of all


So it only stands to reason

why our hearts carry a bit more weight

in the weeks leading to the big day.

Reminders of their time on this earth

circles us

around every turn.

As busy as we all may get,

and without fail,

our minds will wander off

to our very own special moments

 from time to time.

A conversation,

a moment that only you shared with them

or maybe just their smile

that has never left you.

Regardless of what you carry with you,

it is never easy.

Of course through the years,

and only in time

does the ache in your heart subside

but as every season approaches,

that emptiness really never disappears.

Not to say there is any good news about our loved ones

who are not with us

to share another year of celebration,

but if you stop and think about it,

what they have left us

is a reminder of how much appreciation

we should have

right here and right now.

In no way do I make light of the hurt in anyone’s heart,

or that I have the answers to any of this.

We all have our own ways to push through

the hard moments,

but I would hope that maybe this year,

if or when that special someone

does comes to mind,

that you imagine them smiling at you,

and urging you to take a good look

at who is among you this holiday season

and how fortunate and blessed you are

to have this time together.

Our angels

if given one chance

would tell us to treasure these moments.

Hug harder,

laugh louder,

smile bigger,

love better,

but most of all,

tell us that the magic we feel

could be them

standing alongside us

this holiday season

and still being apart of it all.

hands ghost

After all,

another word for gift

would be


I wish you all Peace and Love!

A very Merry Christmas from my family to yours.

~God Bless everybody~