who’s ready to chase some rainbows?

inspiration rainbows

I realize there are some

that will get this

and some that won’t

but if there’s anything I am hoping for

once you have read it,

is that you allow yourself

time to just sit and think about it.

We are not put on this earth to simply exist

or present ourselves as emotional warriors,

unscathed or unfeeling,

simply because we come across as upbeat

and seeming as if nothing

can phase us

especially when life

certainly has a way of reminding us

that it isn’t just sunshine or lollipops

or we are as invincible

as everyone might think we are.

Being an eternal optimist,

immunity to suffering is something

we go through like everyone else

but I truly believe that perspective

is the fine line between

winning or losing our battles.

If you cut us

we will bleed

but let me try to explain

as best as I can

why our healing times

might seem a little quicker.

With every success,

every failure or disappointment

in which the curve of life throws at us

we are meant to learn and grow

as individuals.

It is not only about

it just being easy

and without challenge

or being foolish enough to think

that any of us go through life without

our share of emotional scars or broken hearts.

Keeping ourselves trapped into a darkness

that can and will at most times

tear us apart

or to some extent

remove what faith

we may have once believed in so much

when we allow our minds to take us

and keep us there.

Adversity and acceptance

is our way of growing.

Not saying it’s easier

but for all us “rainbow chasers” out there

it’s our way of not only pulling ourselves through

the beautiful moments,

but to give us

on some level

strength to push through the hard ones

and trust me,

this year has been a tough one.

As we approach yet another New year,

we gear ourselves up

into thinking

that what we put our hopes and wishes into,

 should actually happen

and on some level of delusion

believe they will come true

simply because we asked for them

just like everybody else,

but if there is one thing that makes perfect sense to me now

as I sit and think about what I would want

for this New Year if asked,

there is absolutely no doubt

what my response would be.

new year 365 if lucky

That being said,

there is nothing wrong with making ourselves better

even in times of loss.

There is nothing wrong with wanting for others

the happiness and joy they deserve

even though we’ve been denied that feeling

in our own tragic moments.

There is nothing wrong with

accepting  failure or loss

just so long as we understand

it should never be what defines us.

The creation of man

happened for a reason

and I would hate to think

that the only question we ask ourselves

at the end of the day

when things don’t go as planned is

what are we here for

or why even bother?

Each of us were created to make a difference.

Some in big ways and some in little

but the concept really has no bearing

on what it is you do

when you navigate through this life

but rather how you learn

to do it the best way

that you know how

while you are still here.

So take a moment to really look at your life.

Good or bad,

happy or sad,

ask yourself one very important question

especially with who surrounds you this year.

Look at those who know your story

before you decide on what it is

you expect for this coming New Year.

Whether you are a “resolution” person or not,

we all have expectations to improve our lives.

By all means work on improving yourself.

Health and fitness,

success and finance’s

spiritual and emotional


they can all lose some appeal

if the people you love the most

aren’t there to cheer for you

or watch you succeed.

So now that I have your attention

decide on what truly matters

come the first new day of the year.

Remind yourself that although life isn’t perfect

or fair at times,

and during the “storms”

where you seem to feel the safest

hiding under a blanket

like some kind of cloaking device,

you really have to ask yourself,

“If I don’t take a peek,

could I be missing something incredible?”

You can remain negative and blind

wasting time under your dark clouds,

or you can change your focus,

accept and acknowledge

that it will be hard to do

and throw away the fear that is holding you back.

The choice is

and will always be


This picture is courtesy of my sister

who said Good morning to my Dad up in heaven

on her drive into town one day

and lo and behold this appeared

giving her enough time to pull over

and take this picture before it quickly disappeared.

From above,

his message was clear.

NEVER stop chasing rainbows!

debbies rainbow

Wishing you all

a year of endless possibilities,

the courage to face whatever may come

but above all 

an unexpected rainbow 

at the very moment you may need one!

From my family to yours,

Happy New Year and may God Bless xoxo


in one Year and out the other…

new year 1

With another year in the books

we prepare for what is ahead.

As we look back to what may have been

a good or bad year

we still try to place belief in our minds

that January 1st will be a fresh start.

We go with the flow of tradition

and for some place that dreaded

“resolution” into our plans

only to have one thing happen.

new year 2

Our intentions are good,

as we prepare and honestly think

that this could be the year that we actually follow through.

I gave up on them years ago.

Too much pressure

with the whole “failure” thing.

I suppose I realized it

that one year that I decided

I would join a gym

knowing I hadn’t been to one in forever,

and with being so exhausted most days from work,

where in God’s name would I all of a sudden

find this energy.

I won’t even mention

the “eating healthier” part

because truth be told

giving up on my snacks

was never even an option,

so right there should have been my sign.

Don’t get me wrong,

I don’t think there is anything bad

about setting new goals

in the hopes of starting the year off on a good note,

however we need to be more real about it.

Please don’t tell the fitness clubs

or diet places I said anything,

or they’ll be very upset with me

that I steer you all away from getting

that membership you won’t use past the first week

(or for some of you a little more determined)

by the end of the month.

The way I see it,

if you want to make any changes

in your life

to better yourself,

why can’t it be today,

or next Monday

or 2 weeks from Sunday?

Simply put.

Whatever it is you choose

to better your year,

a fresh start is a fresh start,

on whatever day

YOU are ready.

The gyms,  diet places or health stores

won’t close up shop.

They will still be there to sell you a membership

or a phenomenal plan after January 1st

and best of all…

there’s a pretty good chance

they’ll be more room to move about

in a few weeks anyway!

Trust Me 😉

new year 4

Wishing you all

your best year EVER!

~Happy New Year and God Bless~

Hello New Year!!

And so we begin…


Another New Year of promises,

grand ideas of making it a better year

with intentions of starting

by making yourself a better you.

Time for those silly resolutions,

and yet for some,

they only prove to be

a huge pain in the ass

before the first week of the year

is even over.

We all make those dreaded promises

to become healthier and more physically fit

just to name a few.

We try to convince ourselves

that this will be the year

we not only conquer those requests

but we overcome them

 and that for some delusional reason

it is what will make our lives

more enjoyable, prosperous

and maybe even better human beings.

I honestly believe that resolutions

should be things we don’t really have to strive for.

If in the past years

you were someone who comforted,

empowered or simply gave strength

to someone in need,

shouldn’t that be what you continue to do?

Boy giving food to a homeless man

Although there is absolutely nothing wrong

with making yourself stronger and more healthy,

your heart and time

is the most important thing you can share with any other living soul.

In times of need,

it’s the strength of your convictions

that people around you

 count on the most.

It is the one thing that doesn’t require you to set up an appointment

or schedule in.

It can happen at any given moment

with something as simple as a smile,

a quick call

or maybe just a kind word.

We are all more than capable of achieving this,

especially if we love the people in our lives

and feel compassion for those we don’t really know that well,

but in our hearts

and we must completely understand,

that it can be possible to change a little piece of someone’s day.

I honestly believe that when you empower anyone,

you unknowingly empower yourself

and I don’t really think

anyone has ever pulled a muscle

doing it.

I realized years ago,

that making resolutions can be a wonderful thing,

but for myself, the most effective one I could make

was to be exactly who I have always been.

I have never had to work on, or change anything

when it comes to being a good person.

God has blessed me with amazing people in my life,

and if promising to be there for any of them

at any given moment is a goal I need to set,

than in three simple words…


Being kind is something

we can all do every day of the year

and the best part is

you won’t even have to break a sweat!

So my friends,

now that you all know what my resolution is

 and will forever be,

time to think of yours.

To each and every one of you,

I wish you the BEST YEAR EVER

and hope that you succeed

in whatever you decide to achieve!

Luv and Light Always,

*Happy New YOU 🙂 *

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