who’s ready to chase some rainbows?

inspiration rainbows

I realize there are some

that will get this

and some that won’t

but if there’s anything I am hoping for

once you have read it,

is that you allow yourself

time to just sit and think about it.

We are not put on this earth to simply exist

or present ourselves as emotional warriors,

unscathed or unfeeling,

simply because we come across as upbeat

and seeming as if nothing

can phase us

especially when life

certainly has a way of reminding us

that it isn’t just sunshine or lollipops

or we are as invincible

as everyone might think we are.

Being an eternal optimist,

immunity to suffering is something

we go through like everyone else

but I truly believe that perspective

is the fine line between

winning or losing our battles.

If you cut us

we will bleed

but let me try to explain

as best as I can

why our healing times

might seem a little quicker.

With every success,

every failure or disappointment

in which the curve of life throws at us

we are meant to learn and grow

as individuals.

It is not only about

it just being easy

and without challenge

or being foolish enough to think

that any of us go through life without

our share of emotional scars or broken hearts.

Keeping ourselves trapped into a darkness

that can and will at most times

tear us apart

or to some extent

remove what faith

we may have once believed in so much

when we allow our minds to take us

and keep us there.

Adversity and acceptance

is our way of growing.

Not saying it’s easier

but for all us “rainbow chasers” out there

it’s our way of not only pulling ourselves through

the beautiful moments,

but to give us

on some level

strength to push through the hard ones

and trust me,

this year has been a tough one.

As we approach yet another New year,

we gear ourselves up

into thinking

that what we put our hopes and wishes into,

 should actually happen

and on some level of delusion

believe they will come true

simply because we asked for them

just like everybody else,

but if there is one thing that makes perfect sense to me now

as I sit and think about what I would want

for this New Year if asked,

there is absolutely no doubt

what my response would be.

new year 365 if lucky

That being said,

there is nothing wrong with making ourselves better

even in times of loss.

There is nothing wrong with wanting for others

the happiness and joy they deserve

even though we’ve been denied that feeling

in our own tragic moments.

There is nothing wrong with

accepting  failure or loss

just so long as we understand

it should never be what defines us.

The creation of man

happened for a reason

and I would hate to think

that the only question we ask ourselves

at the end of the day

when things don’t go as planned is

what are we here for

or why even bother?

Each of us were created to make a difference.

Some in big ways and some in little

but the concept really has no bearing

on what it is you do

when you navigate through this life

but rather how you learn

to do it the best way

that you know how

while you are still here.

So take a moment to really look at your life.

Good or bad,

happy or sad,

ask yourself one very important question

especially with who surrounds you this year.

Look at those who know your story

before you decide on what it is

you expect for this coming New Year.

Whether you are a “resolution” person or not,

we all have expectations to improve our lives.

By all means work on improving yourself.

Health and fitness,

success and finance’s

spiritual and emotional


they can all lose some appeal

if the people you love the most

aren’t there to cheer for you

or watch you succeed.

So now that I have your attention

decide on what truly matters

come the first new day of the year.

Remind yourself that although life isn’t perfect

or fair at times,

and during the “storms”

where you seem to feel the safest

hiding under a blanket

like some kind of cloaking device,

you really have to ask yourself,

“If I don’t take a peek,

could I be missing something incredible?”

You can remain negative and blind

wasting time under your dark clouds,

or you can change your focus,

accept and acknowledge

that it will be hard to do

and throw away the fear that is holding you back.

The choice is

and will always be


This picture is courtesy of my sister

who said Good morning to my Dad up in heaven

on her drive into town one day

and lo and behold this appeared

giving her enough time to pull over

and take this picture before it quickly disappeared.

From above,

his message was clear.

NEVER stop chasing rainbows!

debbies rainbow

Wishing you all

a year of endless possibilities,

the courage to face whatever may come

but above all 

an unexpected rainbow 

at the very moment you may need one!

From my family to yours,

Happy New Year and may God Bless xoxo


today’s a good day to start!

With the start of a new school year,

we are more than likely going to hear about more bullying

and although our big intention every year

is to raise even more awareness,

our approach just doesn’t seem to be hitting home.

We seem to think that it’s the kids we need to be reaching out to

and yet nothing shakes us more

than that one story of a young soul

taking their own life because it’s been too unbearable

at the hands of another youngster.

“Bullying is learned behaviour,

and anything learned, 

can be unlearned.” 

Dr. C. Sally Murphy


Why are we making it about the kids only?

After all,

don’t they get their impressions and ideas from us as adults

to begin with?

Think about it for a minute.

What we may judge out loud

becomes normal according to them

whether you are a parent or not.

That little comment about the overweight cashier

that seems a bit slow when you are in a hurry

may not seem all that important

but little Johnny or Susie

just heard it

and if Mom or Dad

or any over the hill adult

can do that,

than naturally it turns into the question,

why can’t I?

Our prejudices also come into play.

You have a problem with another race

or sexual preference

and while conversing with someone,

you let it be known what your opinion of them is,

because after all,

YOU are perfect

and they are not.

All you perfect people may as well stop reading at this point

and the rest of you can keep going if you like.

The question still remains.


Well guess what,

this is where it all starts

and every year we wonder why it’s happening,

or why it’s getting so out of control.

Our attack on this has been to teach our kids

it’s wrong

and they will very quickly listen

and magically it will stop.

Wake up people!

Clearly we need to make bigger changes

and if we are going to do this,

it has to start at the root.

For every remark you make towards another human being,

it becomes a catalyst to our children.

They mirror us,

they believe us

and most of all

they trust  us.

It basically comes down to the oldest saying we have ever been taught.

“If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all!”

If you want your child to be aware of how wrong it is

to tear someone down

simply because they are different,

start correcting things at home.

Certainly there are those who just don’t get it

and sadly those are the ones who really should be reading this

but nothing can change if someone doesn’t start

talking about what is real

and not wait till the point

where that beautiful young girl

or freckle face boy

has their faces plastered on the news

or social media

with the sad report that follows

“We have lost another young one to suicide.”

Even worse

the heart wrenching interview

with the grieving and lost parents.

My heart hurts every single time I see that young face

on the news or on social media

who clearly suffered at the hands of others

and it isn’t until than

that we address it.

We waited far too long

to finally get pissed off.

If there is going to be finger pointing

let’s stop pussy footing around it

and hit it on the head

because if we don’t,

we will lose more

and honestly folks,

 ONE has been too many.

Our biggest obstacle is denial.

So many out there thinking

“my kid knows better than to do that”

You sure about that?

Keep in mind,

since the second they were born,

they have heard every word you have spoken

parent or no parent.

They have absorbed every opinion you have ever voiced

with regard to the rest of the human race.

Before school started for them,

you were one of their first teachers

and now that you have thought about this,

what did you really teach them?

So again, I ask you…


In a perfect world,

we could address those grown-ups

who desperately need to make these changes

 that I am pleading for

and thinking if we ask them to do so

they would simply comply

and like a miracle,

all would be well in the world


it is not a perfect world

and unfortunately

there are some complete idiots out there

who just don’t care

or think it’s not their problem to deal with.

So the idea is rather easy.

stand up against bullying

If you are as concerned about this as I am,

start watching your own behaviour

and let your kids know

it’s unacceptable at any age!

Let’s not wait for something to happen

to begin talking about it.

For the love of God,

keep the lines of communication open,

lead my example

and decide it’s time to make that change.

Wouldn’t today be a good day

to start?

i can do this

God bless everybody

especially our kids!

can you spare some change?

Opening with this one,

is what we all walk around intending to do,

but how true to our words are we?

good deed 2

As we carry on with our everyday lives,

and especially with the hustle and bustle

of the Christmas season,

do we even understand the “true” meaning

of giving at Christmas.

Today as I went out to do some last-minute shopping,

I passed an elderly homeless man standing at an intersection

begging for change.

I have passed many in the last month or so

and like so many,

would run through my mind

things like,

“why doesn’t he get a job like the rest of us?”


“bet he just spends the money on cigarettes, alcohol or drugs so why should I bother?”

Well there is something about the season

that gets to me.

As I sat in my warm car idling at the light

listening to Brenda Lee Rockin’ around the Christmas tree,

knowing that on a cold night like tonight

I would more than likely not need that extra blanket

because I had the luxury of turning the heat up,

and I had some hot chocolate

(with marshmallows of course)

for an extra shot of warmth if I needed it.

I realized as I watched him sway from one foot to the other,

how cold he must have been

standing there with his cardboard in hand

with the words

“homeless, hungry and poor”

pleading for whatever change anyone could spare.

Something came over me,

and without hesitation,

 I reached into my jacket pocket,

found a handful of change

and as soon as I was pulled up close enough

I handed him the money

saying Merry Christmas buddy!

good deed 1

He smiled back,

said God Bless you

and wished me the same.

The interesting part was the looks I got

from cars who passed me.

It was like I had done something

unspeakable and I could almost imagine

the gasps as their eyes gazed my way.

What came to me

is now wasn’t the time to judge,

or condemn.

 I’ll tell you something.

I drove away not only feeling like I did something good for him,

but I did something good for me.

I put my opinions aside,

left my “better than thou” attitude at the door,

believed that another human being needed a hand

and did what just felt right in my heart.

I wouldn’t allow myself to think the worst

of what he did with the money,

but rather that I gave

giving at Christmas

it’s true meaning.

Knowing my measly contribution

wouldn’t be his Christmas miracle,

I could only wish he at least got something hot to eat.

I did not write this one

to open up a discussion about anyone’s opinions

or beliefs of those down on their luck.

I wrote this to hopefully remind us

that we are all God’s children,

and if we want to play the role

of peace and love

especially during the holidays,

save your 2 cents for what really matters!

good deed 3

Have a beautiful Christmas everybody!

God Bless

could you be “the one”??


When I started to write this one,

I had a specific direction I was going to head towards,

but something made me change that.

Sure it seems that somewhere along the line

we have lost this and we can most certainly blame it

on so many things.

I guess what got me to thinking is when I went to get in the car yesterday

and for some reason the idea of opening the passenger door

for someone popped into my head.

As I used my key (which unlocks all doors at the same time)

it hit me.

Back in the day, if you wanted to let someone get in the passenger seat,

you would go to their door first,

use your key,

and let them in before you did.

Doesn’t seem like that big a deal but

just that alone is one sign that courtesy and decency has been removed from our way of thinking these days.

Sure they can get in just as quick and it saves a bunch of time

but what ever happened to the simple gesture of kindness.

You know…

putting others first and all.

How about holding a door for someone with their hands full

when you are out grocery shopping.

Hard to do nowadays with those automated doors.

(can’t recall ever hearing one say “Let me get that for you” in a real voice)

These are just two ideas that came to mind,

and if I really sit and think about it,

I am sure I could come up with a few hundred more.

The advancement of technology  is something we can never outrun

and let’s face it,

we don’t put much thought into the idea

of how convenient our lives are because of it

(however if you are the one with a handful of grocery bags and towing screaming  kids along side you, something tells me you are thanking Jesus for that one)

So nothing can stop progress

and we have become very spoiled in the things that

make life run just a bit faster.

I guess my point wasn’t to come up with some magical formula

or dismiss the fact that technology or gadgets are always going to be a part of our lives.

Suppose I just wanted to throw the reminder out there

that at one time we did stop and think

and in some cases

actually slow down a touch to be courteous or helpful.

acting or thinking

So we may not have to open car doors for people

or help someone at the grocery store like the good old days,

but the next time you do find yourself in that situation,

stop and think for one second.

If I could,

would I take the extra minute to do the right thing?

That’s pretty much all we can do these days

and although it isn’t any kind of solution to bring back

those old-fashioned ideals we all grew up with.

My intention is to plant the seed.

be the one

So do yourself a favor!

Don’t allow the convenience of things we take for granted,

that make us get somewhere faster or easier

 (even forgetful at times)

be any sort of reason or excuse,

to forget the lessons of kindness and courtesy we have all been taught.

Let’s make decency “cool” again!

After all…

It can only happen

if it starts with


live for today

Make it a great day everybody!

God bless 🙂

I know what I would do, do you?

gay rights 1

Does this woman tell it like it is, or what?

Take a look at her background for instance.

A straight, white woman in the limelight of Hollywood.

Who would know better than her

what labeling and judging people are about?

She’s been with us a very long time and has seen and done it all,

especially in the eyes of the world.

She knows first hand how easy it is to have one little thing said

that can completely shatter someone’s life.

Whether it’s religion, sexual orientation, race or gender,

it doesn’t matter!

Judging is judging on any scale.

What amuses me every time the subject comes up

of people and their hatred towards anyone,

I can’t help but think how I would love to ask those people

so filled with hatred,

that if they were walking along a river and saw someone fall in and begin to drown,

if their first thought would be to rescue a human life,

or stand there in doubt

and ask if they are gay, or what their religion is before they make a move?

(of course the shoe could be on the other foot and they could be the one drowning)

again I would ask if they were the one clinging to life,

would they be secretly thinking in the middle of the panic,

“geez, I sure hope the person saving me isn’t homosexual or a protestant? Good grief, everyone will think I am too!”

( if  they don’t drown with all that thinking first, of course)

Doesn’t that one just blow you away?

How about this one for instance.

A friend is telling you about an amazing person they met.

 How full of life and sweet they are,

and how incredibly kind they have been to them.

Is your first thought,

“geez, I sure hope they aren’t colored or from a foreign country, otherwise I would have to overlook the nice qualities you see in them!”


“please don’t tell me they are Buddhist or female, otherwise I would have to NOT like them and judge them based on what I know!”

Scary thought, isn’t it?

Ignorance sure has its place and some people actually have that frame of mind.


Sadly it still is a thorn in our side

when it comes to

teaching equality in this world.

As Betty White has pointed out,

if we all spent more time dealing with our own lives

and less time concerned that those who are different

 have an agenda to transform and make everyone they come in contact with,

“just like them”

(which I find hilarious)

because those so freaked out about all this,

think those of difference have  nothing better to do with their time

and seeing as they DON’T

-have jobs to go to,

 -families to support,

-bills to pay,

-children to raise,

-animals to love,

-friends to spend time with

-charities to donate to

-organizations to volunteer with

-pay taxes,


Good lord, I could go on and on,  couldn’t I?

Unfortunately we don’t live in a perfect world,

and sadly there are those who would still read this and have something

ridiculous to add,

but you know what?

The best I can do is believe in what I believe in.

Make a point of living my life in a way

that people aren’t one thing or another when it comes to compassion and love.

I have often said that I do not have the power to change the world,

but I DO have to power to change what goes on in


If you aren’t sure where you stand,

take a walk by a river or pond and ask yourself…

Would I try and save someone’s life today?

The choice is yours!

In the kind and sweet words of Ellen Degeneres…


Make it a great day everybody!

God bless~

can’t love em’ all…

thinking 6

Something has me thinking…

A friend confided in me that while out walking her dog,

she would literally run past her neighbours house,

petrified that her neighbour would stop her

only to corner her and talk her ear off.

Sadly that neighbour passed away

and now she is dealing with the guilt of not being compassionate enough

when she had all those chances before.

The interesting part is after all the years of avoiding and evading,

why now has it caused so much unrest?

Of course who are we to judge, because everyone one of us have found ourselves in similar situations.

I mean we all have someone who gets under our skin.

Those certain people who just seem to know how to get us completely unraveled.

We don’t want that to be the case,

and as hard as we try to see past the things that make us crazy,

they are always there.

Sure we are supposed to love thy neighbour and all

but let’s face it,

some of “thy neighbours” can be down right nuts and make us do some pretty stupid things.


What is amazing is the lengths we will go to,

to avoid or ignore them.

(insert your own hide and go seek thought here and if you don’t have one, you’re only fooling yourself at this point)

 No one is exempt from this one,

(unless you have wings growing out from your back and a shiny little halo above your head)


The truth of the matter is there are just some people you can not stomach.


As much as the experts want to give you all the reason’s in the world for why or how you should change this behavior or pattern

and be the better person if only for yourself,

there are just some personalities you can’t handle or want anywhere in your circle of life.

Easy to say that we can put our feelings aside and be more loving, caring and attentive,

but why am I thinking that you are visualizing  that one particular pain in the ass

and saying to yourself,

“Nope, that ain’t gonna happen!”

Okay so we have established that personality clashes do occur,

and not everybody is our cup of tea.

Why do we bang our heads on this one?

Let’s be real for a minute.

We were all created as individuals,

some people connect,

and some don’t.

It doesn’t get any more simple than that!

I really don’t think we should kick ourselves for not loving every single person we meet.

However as long a we remember

not to be hurtful,  hateful or distasteful.

Just do yourself one favor though…

Don’t wait until you are looking back at all the things you did wrong,

knowing today that you still  have a chance

to do some things right!

worth it

Make it a great day everybody!

it’s never too late to shine!

inner child

So how many of you even consider this one?

(just to be clear, this is for the boys as well)

Being a clown at heart I have the hardest time when I meet or know people with that serious and unapproachable quality.

I sit and wonder what someone’s day must really be like without that child-like energy and enthusiasm.

Hell, I still laugh when the ketchup bottle makes that “fart’ sound!

It takes every ounce of will power not to laugh out loud if someone even uses the “fart or poop” word in a conversation.

Unfortunately we are wired differently, and that’s okay too I suppose.

We definitely need mature and responsible people to take care of the serious stuff

 but thank the Good Lord,

he didn’t put me in charge of that one!

(must have something to do with me and the ketchup bottle )

Okay, where was I going with this?

Oh yes!

We all have our own unique characteristics,

and we all deliver our contributions as little or big as they may be.

My big thing is regardless of who you are or what you want the world to remember of you as,

there is always room and time for adjustments.

Thinking you have to remain a certain way is not something set in stone!

(which can be such a difficult task for those that are set in their ways)


Perfect example that this is absolutely achievable is to take a look at your parents.

(even those of you who’s parents are not with us)

They were and are NOT the same people when we were growing up,

especially if grand-kids came into the picture.

It seems that they lighten up leaps and bounds.

The things that had them bent out of shape when you were doing them as a kid,

aren’t as big deal all of a sudden.

( Of course the grand parent curse comes into effect)

“Just wait till you have kids of your own!”

If you are not convinced of this,

notice  how amused they become or how much more they smile when you are dealing with an unruly child!

(I think it has something to do with a few unwritten rule’s in the grandparent manual)

” I can always send them home”

and my personal favorite,

“payback can be a bitch!”

How many of you out there sometimes looked at them and thought,

“Okay, where are my parents and what have you done with them?”

Isn’t it interesting that we as grown ups

notice they now have the expensive cereal with the free toys in their pantries?

(just in case their poor and starving grand kids come over of course)

All I know is my perception of who they were is nothing close to who they have become.

I notice a more easy going flow and that child-like spirit within them,

especially when they are surrounded with the grand kids.

If you don’t believe me, compare the tone of their voices now

to back when you ran around the house like a madman.

Not even close…right?

God knows that with everything we have put them through,

they certainly deserve our appreciation

and you have to admire their willingness to allow that softer side to finally show us

a valuable life lesson.

inspiration 2

So if you have the mind set that making changes in your life are impossible,

or trying to better your own spirit and personality to simply make the rest of your days more peaceful and enjoyable.

Take a minute to think about this.

No one on earth can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt,

(like our parents)

that it’s never too late

to allow the child in you to to shine!

be yourself

Just one more thing.

I sure hope you are not under the impression that you have to be a grandparent to teach this lesson.

Making adjustments are possible on any given day and at any stage of life,

so if today happens to be your day to release your inner child,

I have three words to get you started…


Make it a great day everybody and God bless!