today’s a good day to start!

With the start of a new school year,

we are more than likely going to hear about more bullying

and although our big intention every year

is to raise even more awareness,

our approach just doesn’t seem to be hitting home.

We seem to think that it’s the kids we need to be reaching out to

and yet nothing shakes us more

than that one story of a young soul

taking their own life because it’s been too unbearable

at the hands of another youngster.

“Bullying is learned behaviour,

and anything learned, 

can be unlearned.” 

Dr. C. Sally Murphy


Why are we making it about the kids only?

After all,

don’t they get their impressions and ideas from us as adults

to begin with?

Think about it for a minute.

What we may judge out loud

becomes normal according to them

whether you are a parent or not.

That little comment about the overweight cashier

that seems a bit slow when you are in a hurry

may not seem all that important

but little Johnny or Susie

just heard it

and if Mom or Dad

or any over the hill adult

can do that,

than naturally it turns into the question,

why can’t I?

Our prejudices also come into play.

You have a problem with another race

or sexual preference

and while conversing with someone,

you let it be known what your opinion of them is,

because after all,

YOU are perfect

and they are not.

All you perfect people may as well stop reading at this point

and the rest of you can keep going if you like.

The question still remains.


Well guess what,

this is where it all starts

and every year we wonder why it’s happening,

or why it’s getting so out of control.

Our attack on this has been to teach our kids

it’s wrong

and they will very quickly listen

and magically it will stop.

Wake up people!

Clearly we need to make bigger changes

and if we are going to do this,

it has to start at the root.

For every remark you make towards another human being,

it becomes a catalyst to our children.

They mirror us,

they believe us

and most of all

they trust  us.

It basically comes down to the oldest saying we have ever been taught.

“If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all!”

If you want your child to be aware of how wrong it is

to tear someone down

simply because they are different,

start correcting things at home.

Certainly there are those who just don’t get it

and sadly those are the ones who really should be reading this

but nothing can change if someone doesn’t start

talking about what is real

and not wait till the point

where that beautiful young girl

or freckle face boy

has their faces plastered on the news

or social media

with the sad report that follows

“We have lost another young one to suicide.”

Even worse

the heart wrenching interview

with the grieving and lost parents.

My heart hurts every single time I see that young face

on the news or on social media

who clearly suffered at the hands of others

and it isn’t until than

that we address it.

We waited far too long

to finally get pissed off.

If there is going to be finger pointing

let’s stop pussy footing around it

and hit it on the head

because if we don’t,

we will lose more

and honestly folks,

 ONE has been too many.

Our biggest obstacle is denial.

So many out there thinking

“my kid knows better than to do that”

You sure about that?

Keep in mind,

since the second they were born,

they have heard every word you have spoken

parent or no parent.

They have absorbed every opinion you have ever voiced

with regard to the rest of the human race.

Before school started for them,

you were one of their first teachers

and now that you have thought about this,

what did you really teach them?

So again, I ask you…


In a perfect world,

we could address those grown-ups

who desperately need to make these changes

 that I am pleading for

and thinking if we ask them to do so

they would simply comply

and like a miracle,

all would be well in the world


it is not a perfect world

and unfortunately

there are some complete idiots out there

who just don’t care

or think it’s not their problem to deal with.

So the idea is rather easy.

stand up against bullying

If you are as concerned about this as I am,

start watching your own behaviour

and let your kids know

it’s unacceptable at any age!

Let’s not wait for something to happen

to begin talking about it.

For the love of God,

keep the lines of communication open,

lead my example

and decide it’s time to make that change.

Wouldn’t today be a good day

to start?

i can do this

God bless everybody

especially our kids!


I believe in signs…Do you?

believe it or not

Today’s story is either something

some of you believe in or you don’t

and I will let you come up with your own theory.


I have always believed in something bigger out there

and keeping an open mind

to some strange and unexplained situations

especially when it comes to the unknown

so take it how ever which way

you want to take it

because I have already

drawn my own conclusions.

My sister and Mom were talking on the phone

and because of my Dad’s recent passing

somehow got to discussing

what my Mom thought she should be leaving us

after she departs from this world.

As I walked into my sister’s kitchen

 only hearing this one-sided conversation

and my sister telling her it didn’t matter what she planned to leave her,

my sister suddenly turned to me while still chatting with Mom

and said,

“Kimmie, does it matter what Mom leaves you when she passes away?”

My response was without hesitation

and something I have always lived by.

I said

“As long as I have a 20 dollar bill in my pocket

when I walk out the door

my life is content,

so leave me 20 bucks and I’ll be just fine!”

Of course I couldn’t leave it at that,

so I had to add that I also wanted her new coffee percolator

that I just bought for her a week ago.


Please don’t judge me,

it’s a really good one 🙂

From there I left the house

and ran out to do a few things.

When I got home,

I walked into my bedroom thinking,

“Good Lord I need to clean this room up!”

Started picking up my shoes

that I have the worst habit of just flinging off my feet

once I get in the door

and leaving them in the exact spot they land

until the next time I need them.

I get through that little mess

and my mangled  bed is next.

I fling the comforter off and begin flapping the sheets in the air,

move from one side to the other

taking out any and all wrinkles

than placing the comforter back on top.

As I make my way around

taking the creases and folds out

and about to flip the last corner of my comforter

I look down between my bed and night stand

and there in plain sight

hanging from the chord of my lamp

hangs a crisp and fresh

20 dollar bill!

20 dollars

My very first thought was

Holy Crap!

I didn’t even know

I was missing 20 bucks

and trust me

if I was missing it,

my room would have been turned upside down

the day before

like the police do when they have a search warrant.

So what do you think?

Coincidence or something greater?

I truly believe my Dad heard what I said

to my sister and Mom

about simply being content

with a 20 in my pocket.

I think it was his way of letting me know

that he was always going to watch over me.

Some may think it was just some type of luck

and others like myself

may believe in a much higher power,

so as I said,

I will let you come to your own conclusions

however this is what truly happened

(that’s why I had to take a picture)

and although it kind of freaked me out at first,

I can honestly say

that as I am about to head out the door,

feeling very content

I am extremely confident

my Dad will hear me say,

“Thanks for the 20 father!

Guess I can afford

my own percolator now!”

Make it a great day and God bless!

in one Year and out the other…

new year 1

With another year in the books

we prepare for what is ahead.

As we look back to what may have been

a good or bad year

we still try to place belief in our minds

that January 1st will be a fresh start.

We go with the flow of tradition

and for some place that dreaded

“resolution” into our plans

only to have one thing happen.

new year 2

Our intentions are good,

as we prepare and honestly think

that this could be the year that we actually follow through.

I gave up on them years ago.

Too much pressure

with the whole “failure” thing.

I suppose I realized it

that one year that I decided

I would join a gym

knowing I hadn’t been to one in forever,

and with being so exhausted most days from work,

where in God’s name would I all of a sudden

find this energy.

I won’t even mention

the “eating healthier” part

because truth be told

giving up on my snacks

was never even an option,

so right there should have been my sign.

Don’t get me wrong,

I don’t think there is anything bad

about setting new goals

in the hopes of starting the year off on a good note,

however we need to be more real about it.

Please don’t tell the fitness clubs

or diet places I said anything,

or they’ll be very upset with me

that I steer you all away from getting

that membership you won’t use past the first week

(or for some of you a little more determined)

by the end of the month.

The way I see it,

if you want to make any changes

in your life

to better yourself,

why can’t it be today,

or next Monday

or 2 weeks from Sunday?

Simply put.

Whatever it is you choose

to better your year,

a fresh start is a fresh start,

on whatever day

YOU are ready.

The gyms,  diet places or health stores

won’t close up shop.

They will still be there to sell you a membership

or a phenomenal plan after January 1st

and best of all…

there’s a pretty good chance

they’ll be more room to move about

in a few weeks anyway!

Trust Me 😉

new year 4

Wishing you all

your best year EVER!

~Happy New Year and God Bless~

can you spare some change?

Opening with this one,

is what we all walk around intending to do,

but how true to our words are we?

good deed 2

As we carry on with our everyday lives,

and especially with the hustle and bustle

of the Christmas season,

do we even understand the “true” meaning

of giving at Christmas.

Today as I went out to do some last-minute shopping,

I passed an elderly homeless man standing at an intersection

begging for change.

I have passed many in the last month or so

and like so many,

would run through my mind

things like,

“why doesn’t he get a job like the rest of us?”


“bet he just spends the money on cigarettes, alcohol or drugs so why should I bother?”

Well there is something about the season

that gets to me.

As I sat in my warm car idling at the light

listening to Brenda Lee Rockin’ around the Christmas tree,

knowing that on a cold night like tonight

I would more than likely not need that extra blanket

because I had the luxury of turning the heat up,

and I had some hot chocolate

(with marshmallows of course)

for an extra shot of warmth if I needed it.

I realized as I watched him sway from one foot to the other,

how cold he must have been

standing there with his cardboard in hand

with the words

“homeless, hungry and poor”

pleading for whatever change anyone could spare.

Something came over me,

and without hesitation,

 I reached into my jacket pocket,

found a handful of change

and as soon as I was pulled up close enough

I handed him the money

saying Merry Christmas buddy!

good deed 1

He smiled back,

said God Bless you

and wished me the same.

The interesting part was the looks I got

from cars who passed me.

It was like I had done something

unspeakable and I could almost imagine

the gasps as their eyes gazed my way.

What came to me

is now wasn’t the time to judge,

or condemn.

 I’ll tell you something.

I drove away not only feeling like I did something good for him,

but I did something good for me.

I put my opinions aside,

left my “better than thou” attitude at the door,

believed that another human being needed a hand

and did what just felt right in my heart.

I wouldn’t allow myself to think the worst

of what he did with the money,

but rather that I gave

giving at Christmas

it’s true meaning.

Knowing my measly contribution

wouldn’t be his Christmas miracle,

I could only wish he at least got something hot to eat.

I did not write this one

to open up a discussion about anyone’s opinions

or beliefs of those down on their luck.

I wrote this to hopefully remind us

that we are all God’s children,

and if we want to play the role

of peace and love

especially during the holidays,

save your 2 cents for what really matters!

good deed 3

Have a beautiful Christmas everybody!

God Bless

there’s nothing like receiving Christmas “presence”…

Christmas magic

There is something to be said

about the magic of the season.

No question about the anticipation,

the beauty of Christmas lights

glowing so brightly

throughout the world.

A fresh covering of white snow,

 weighing down tree branches

as far as the eye can see.


That sense of amazement in a young child’s eyes

when that certain gift under the tree

is placed in front of them.

Even the hustle and bustle

of shopping in crowded malls

to slowly cross off gifts

on that famous list

is a huge part of what the holiday season

is all about.

Let us not forget

the emotion attached to

every Christmas carol we hear

from Oh Holy night

to I’ll be home for Christmas

that can bring shivers to our soul.

So now that I have described almost exactly

what this time of year brings

to so many of us,

there is also one more thing

that is also a big part

of what we have to endure.

Those who are NOT standing among us.

Whether God took them

within the year,

or previous ones,

their absence becomes a large part of our heart.

Of course it’s about missing them,

wishing they could be sitting at the dinner table

sharing one last meal.


Hearing that laughter one more time

while opening gifts

or just gathered at the kitchen table

among family and friends

feeling a sense of comfort and togetherness.

Not to say that any other time of year

has less meaning,

but Christmas is and has

always been about

peace on earth.

Showing kindness and love.

Time spent with family and friends

but most of all


So it only stands to reason

why our hearts carry a bit more weight

in the weeks leading to the big day.

Reminders of their time on this earth

circles us

around every turn.

As busy as we all may get,

and without fail,

our minds will wander off

to our very own special moments

 from time to time.

A conversation,

a moment that only you shared with them

or maybe just their smile

that has never left you.

Regardless of what you carry with you,

it is never easy.

Of course through the years,

and only in time

does the ache in your heart subside

but as every season approaches,

that emptiness really never disappears.

Not to say there is any good news about our loved ones

who are not with us

to share another year of celebration,

but if you stop and think about it,

what they have left us

is a reminder of how much appreciation

we should have

right here and right now.

In no way do I make light of the hurt in anyone’s heart,

or that I have the answers to any of this.

We all have our own ways to push through

the hard moments,

but I would hope that maybe this year,

if or when that special someone

does comes to mind,

that you imagine them smiling at you,

and urging you to take a good look

at who is among you this holiday season

and how fortunate and blessed you are

to have this time together.

Our angels

if given one chance

would tell us to treasure these moments.

Hug harder,

laugh louder,

smile bigger,

love better,

but most of all,

tell us that the magic we feel

could be them

standing alongside us

this holiday season

and still being apart of it all.

hands ghost

After all,

another word for gift

would be


I wish you all Peace and Love!

A very Merry Christmas from my family to yours.

~God Bless everybody~

you get what you give good!!

Today’s story isn’t really about anything specific.

It’s more about gratitude and knowing

that all the things you do

really can make an impact in the lives of others.

That although it seems we hear bad things

about people

more and more every day,

 some days it is just really nice

to hear something that re-enforces us

that good people do surround us,

which is basically the reason

good hearts exist.

kind words 3

Have you ever wondered if being the person you are

even matters sometimes?

When you just try to be a good person,

always available to put light into someone’s day

completely unsure that you even made a difference.

inspiration 6

Well the other day was my day,

to hear that what I stand for really can make an impact.

I got a message from a good friend

telling me that I am a great person

and how I always hit people’s hearts.

Just to be clear,

there really isn’t anything specific I did for this friend,

except be my silly old self on a pretty regular basis

(which for those who don’t know me)

it may have something to do with my incredible ability

to completely alter the lyrics to the songs I sing from the radio)

What can I say, it’s a gift 🙂


That one just caught me right off guard

and came right out of the blue.

When you spend your life just trying to make sure

everyone around you can smile,  laugh,  feel good

or just feel empowered

you really don’t put much thought into being recognized,

but on that day, I definitely felt it.

They say you get what you give

and I have always been a firm believer in that,

but today even more so.

I have to admit

I got a lump in my throat just seeing those words.

Didn’t even see that one coming,

but it sure put a smile in my heart.

Us givers don’t really put much thought into

anything other than being who we are.

No hidden agenda’s or motives,

except knowing that whoever needs us

know full well we are ready and waiting

to do what is in our hearts to give.

I think the main reason I wanted to share this

is because if anyone out there

 who doesn’t think

that the power they have

 when it comes

to being a good person is ever noticed,

I am here to tell you

 Yes, it certainly does!

It may not come very often

but those once in a lifetime moments,

when they do happen,

are the exact reason

why we continue to do what God intended us to do.

sweet people

Although there isn’t any real story to this one,

I just wanted to remind everyone

that it’s never too late to shine light into someone’s day.

That all the wonderful things you do

(even being a silly ass most of the time)

is noticed and appreciated

and really can make a difference in someone’s life.

Thank You so very much my dear friend

 for those kind words.

You definitely made

my heart smile today!

Make it a great day everybody!

God bless~

the stage is yours, time to stand…

the universe

With the week that my family just had,

this one certainly rings true.

Of course in the onset of that dreaded phone call,

or emergency,

where the ground beneath you has been shaken,

it’s hard to wrap your head around anything else.

Without thinking you are racing to get to where you need to be,

and the rest of the world is completely oblivious.

Your thoughts are a complete blur and anything of importance

has instantly disappeared into the fog.

Every ounce of energy you do have is

on one person

but what you haven’t realized

is how you are talking to whatever God you place your trust in.

It isn’t until after the fact

that you can rationalize that moment,

and understand exactly what just happened.

I think what amazes me is the power

of all collective thoughts.

We seem to think that it’s our special words of prayer

that makes its way to the “powers that be”

which can make things turn out right,

but what is really happening is

collectively all voices are uniting into

one loud voice!

safe place to be

Fortunately we were blessed with somewhat of a good outcome.

There is still more praying to do

but what happened

silently re-enforces us

that the universe really was doing its thing.

Some call it luck,

some call it coincidence

and that is just fine for whoever you are

but this little girl strongly believes that

regardless of how it all unfolded,

it was something already in place to happen.

Sometimes I wonder why it can be so cruel

to put us through it

but that is nothing we really have any control of

except that maybe it’s about re-evaluating

the power and strength of your mind and belief’s.

I do know of others who are dealing with their own

personal battles and for some of them

may not grasp this one,

but my intention is not to make you think this

is the “be all, and end all” of solutions.

I guess my point is simple really…

When you throw your thoughts up there

thinking you are NOT being heard,

try to remember one important thing…

The stage we stand on,

at one time or another,

may seem that we are doing it solo,

but if you close your eyes and believe…

There is always a choir behind YOU!!

praying hands

If you will excuse me,

Curtain call!

You are all welcome to join me 🙂

Make it a great day everybody!

God bless~