the meaning of Christmas spirit….

Sorry to say that my “creative” juices haven’t been working lately,
but as we are all embarking on another Christmas season,
I thought to bring this one back as a gentle reminder.
Please enjoy the read and keep it in mind when you’re out and about!
God bless and have a great day everybody xoxo

This little light of mine......

Just like so many of you,

I too find myself at this time of year struggling

with the true meaning of Christmas.

I have shared this true story with some,

but I feel it is so important to pass it along,

not only for those who haven’t heard it before,

but also as a reminder to myself.

It was approaching yet another holiday season,

and naturally I was caught up

in the whole “Grinch” syndrome so many of us deal with.

grinch with a present

The idea of going to crowded malls,

searching and dealing with some other “Grinch” like characters

was something I was in absolutely no mood to get involved with.

This particular day

I was having an inner battle in my head to go and do some Christmas shopping.

I got myself dressed and dragged my reluctant self into my car,

grumbling the entire ride there.

I found myself standing in the…

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