something to Remember…

Thought about writing something new with regards to Remembrance day tomorrow, but when I re-read what I wrote last year, I wouldn’t change a thing. The choice to even read this is because of EVERY soldier we stop to remember tomorrow and why that red poppy is pinned to our lapels. Lest we forget and may God bless everybody!

This little light of mine......

poppy 1

With Remembrance day coming

I wanted to do something a bit different.

Year after year,

we make it a priority

to attach that poppy

to the lapel of our coats.

For some,

there is an actual effort

to watch or attend

 official ceremonies for those we lost

and who still stand before us.

Here is the thing…

How many of you can actually

tell anyone of the younger generation

about what makes it such a special day

or why it is so important?

If they were to ask you simple questions

would you be able to answer them?

So I did a little research

only because it has been forever since

I was in school

and to be honest

I had completely forgotten

what I had already learned as a kid.

Of course this is from a Canadian perspective,

but history is history

and it never hurts to learn.


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2 thoughts on “something to Remember…

  1. Stewie, that is such a nice way to keep us informed and reminded of all they did for us. Seeing my father with such a fine group of men and women makes me wonder how many came home. Thank you and love, Is


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