Shopping on a Saturday…what was I thinking??

not a happy camper

Knowing full well that Wal-Mart

is crazy stupid on a Saturday

especially with a rainy forecast

for the whole weekend

and with the on set

of Halloween and Christmas lurking

around the corner

 I decided to go anyway.

I did my rounds to pick up a few things

and made my way to the check out lines

which as usual

weren’t all open

and long as hell

however I knew this going in

so really I had no one to blame but myself

for taking my chances.

While standing and waiting

in a very long line,

an old fart

(and I am trying to remain nice here)

was ahead of me.

He clearly looked

like someone crapped in his corn flakes

 judging by the scowl on his face,

and he sort of resembled Don Rickles

in a small and very weird way.

don rickles

He managed to stop a young man

wearing his blue vest

and running past us

with a hand full of boxes in his hand.

The old fart needed to make it very clear

how annoyed he was

standing there,

and reaming the poor young lad

for such an inconvenience.

Telling him he had better things to do

than to stand in a long line up

and if they wanted his money

the store should open more registers when it’s this busy.

As the red-faced kid stood there

completely unsure of what to say

(not that the old poop gave him a chance to speak anyway)

he still listened to his grumbling and complaining anyway.

At this point I had enough

and needed to say something.

“Sir, if you’re that upset

why not make your complaint to the store manager

instead of a part-time employee

who looks like he might have just started his job yesterday.”

I pointed to the customer service desk directly ahead of us saying,

“it’s right there, by all means  go for it!”

complaints department

It amuses me

because when some people

who think they can intimidate other people

are challenged,

 how quickly they can turn

into complete chicken sh*ts.

The best part was even though

he spewed off a few times earlier

(and of course in a very loud tone to draw attention)

that he should just leave

and they didn’t deserve to get his money,

  the old poop stayed

to buy what he needed anyway

(a little quieter I may add)

Now don’t get me wrong,

his point is valid

and it’s so annoying to be looking at unused registers

with so many people standing in such long lines

even when the store knows this anyway

and trust me,

patience is not one of my most endearing qualities

and I do get just as aggravated,

however everyone and their dog

and myself included

knows first hand

that complaining to a

young man or young lady

working part-time hours on the weekend

in a little blue vest

will basically get you no-where.

Second of all,

it’s always nuts on a Saturday

and we all know this,

so really you have a decision to make

before you step out the door,

unless playing Russian roulette

with your blood pressure

is some form of entertainment

that you truly enjoy.

stay or go

Oh and please don’t give me the excuse,

Saturday is my only day to shop.

Stores are open 7 days a week

and unless you work all 7 days

doing 16 hour shifts

than I guess you have every right

to bitch and complain

about having to shop on a Saturday.

A quick observation about Mr Grumpy Ass,

he looked like he should be retired,

so I couldn’t help but think

Saturday can’t be his only option.

I used to work retail

many moons ago,

and nothing could ruin my day more

than getting yelled at by some cranky person

for something completely out of my control

or something I knew in my heart

needed to change

but it wasn’t in my hands to make it happen.

So the next time you decide you’re going to go shopping

knowing full well how busy it’s going to be,

and how aggravated you will more than likely become,

take a second to remember this.

That employee you manage to corner

or try to intimidate

(and if you look closely won’t have a name tag saying “store manager”)

isn’t going to sound any alarms

or announce over the loud-speaker

that because you have entered the building

a parade will lead you to your own personal check out lane.

I caught up with that young man after the old poop incident

because I remembered how it felt myself.

What was technically a good day for the most part

was something I couldn’t wrap my head around

because of one very annoyed person

taking aim at me.

I just wanted the young lad to know

that what just happened

was unacceptable

and told him this.

“I hope that man didn’t upset you?”

I asked him to please try to remember one important thing

that I had learned a very long time ago.

“Some people have nothing better to do

than be miserable

so please do yourself a favour

and don’t let one bad moment

destroy a full day of good ones.”

I think he got it

but he did look a bit confused,

so it basically came down to this!

idiots ruin your day

A little something we all need to think about!

Make it a great day everybody 🙂


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