Honour thy Mother…and than some!

Today is such a special day.

My mother is celebrating her birthday

It’s rude to say the number

but it starts with an “S”

and rhymes with “eventy”

Happy birthday Mom

Let’s see,

stating the obvious would be

what I should do

like how amazing she is

to anyone she knows.

How her whole life has been dedicated to her girls

and her grandchildren.

Her Mother is her rock

and how strong she truly has been

since her husband of 50  years

became one of God’s angels.

(she doesn’t think so, but we know better)

dad mom and mama

How important she values her family

and how blessed she says she is to have such

incredible friends in her life.

What she doesn’t seem to get

is what we all feel about her.

She’s always there for whoever needs her.

If you don’t believe me,

call her and see what happens.

God help anyone who causes any harm

to those she holds dear.

She loves to laugh

and can horse around with the best of them

even though she says Dad

was the best in that department.

mom clowning around

Sorry Mom,

had to 🙂

If she calls you “friend”

you can bet your ass she means it.

She’s never been afraid of hard work.

To this day

she still mows her own lawn

and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Those who have ever entered her home

know what “comfortable” really means

as there is a very good chance

you’ll be asked to sit

and more than likely

you will be fed.

She doesn’t pull punches,

so if you ask what she thinks,

she’ll tell you.

Good, bad or indifferent.

She’s always put everyone first

so today I want that to be different.

I want her to be recognized

not only as a wonderful

Mother, wife, daughter, sister/sister-in-law and friend

but also as a blessing to anyone lucky enough to have known her.

I Thank God every day she is my Mother

and more than that

a very special someone

to so many others.

The road she travels today

has been a bumpy one to say the least,

but if anyone deserves to be recognized

for the goodness in her heart,

hands down,

it’s her.

Have a beautiful day,

you’ve earned it!

Happy Birthday Mom


more than you can even imagine!


all of us


4 thoughts on “Honour thy Mother…and than some!

  1. Stewie, that was so nice. Think you hit a home run. She really is quite a woman. So happy she is such an important part of our life. Love Is


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