today’s a good day to start!

With the start of a new school year,

we are more than likely going to hear about more bullying

and although our big intention every year

is to raise even more awareness,

our approach just doesn’t seem to be hitting home.

We seem to think that it’s the kids we need to be reaching out to

and yet nothing shakes us more

than that one story of a young soul

taking their own life because it’s been too unbearable

at the hands of another youngster.

“Bullying is learned behaviour,

and anything learned, 

can be unlearned.” 

Dr. C. Sally Murphy


Why are we making it about the kids only?

After all,

don’t they get their impressions and ideas from us as adults

to begin with?

Think about it for a minute.

What we may judge out loud

becomes normal according to them

whether you are a parent or not.

That little comment about the overweight cashier

that seems a bit slow when you are in a hurry

may not seem all that important

but little Johnny or Susie

just heard it

and if Mom or Dad

or any over the hill adult

can do that,

than naturally it turns into the question,

why can’t I?

Our prejudices also come into play.

You have a problem with another race

or sexual preference

and while conversing with someone,

you let it be known what your opinion of them is,

because after all,

YOU are perfect

and they are not.

All you perfect people may as well stop reading at this point

and the rest of you can keep going if you like.

The question still remains.


Well guess what,

this is where it all starts

and every year we wonder why it’s happening,

or why it’s getting so out of control.

Our attack on this has been to teach our kids

it’s wrong

and they will very quickly listen

and magically it will stop.

Wake up people!

Clearly we need to make bigger changes

and if we are going to do this,

it has to start at the root.

For every remark you make towards another human being,

it becomes a catalyst to our children.

They mirror us,

they believe us

and most of all

they trust  us.

It basically comes down to the oldest saying we have ever been taught.

“If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all!”

If you want your child to be aware of how wrong it is

to tear someone down

simply because they are different,

start correcting things at home.

Certainly there are those who just don’t get it

and sadly those are the ones who really should be reading this

but nothing can change if someone doesn’t start

talking about what is real

and not wait till the point

where that beautiful young girl

or freckle face boy

has their faces plastered on the news

or social media

with the sad report that follows

“We have lost another young one to suicide.”

Even worse

the heart wrenching interview

with the grieving and lost parents.

My heart hurts every single time I see that young face

on the news or on social media

who clearly suffered at the hands of others

and it isn’t until than

that we address it.

We waited far too long

to finally get pissed off.

If there is going to be finger pointing

let’s stop pussy footing around it

and hit it on the head

because if we don’t,

we will lose more

and honestly folks,

 ONE has been too many.

Our biggest obstacle is denial.

So many out there thinking

“my kid knows better than to do that”

You sure about that?

Keep in mind,

since the second they were born,

they have heard every word you have spoken

parent or no parent.

They have absorbed every opinion you have ever voiced

with regard to the rest of the human race.

Before school started for them,

you were one of their first teachers

and now that you have thought about this,

what did you really teach them?

So again, I ask you…


In a perfect world,

we could address those grown-ups

who desperately need to make these changes

 that I am pleading for

and thinking if we ask them to do so

they would simply comply

and like a miracle,

all would be well in the world


it is not a perfect world

and unfortunately

there are some complete idiots out there

who just don’t care

or think it’s not their problem to deal with.

So the idea is rather easy.

stand up against bullying

If you are as concerned about this as I am,

start watching your own behaviour

and let your kids know

it’s unacceptable at any age!

Let’s not wait for something to happen

to begin talking about it.

For the love of God,

keep the lines of communication open,

lead my example

and decide it’s time to make that change.

Wouldn’t today be a good day

to start?

i can do this

God bless everybody

especially our kids!


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