I believe in signs…Do you?

believe it or not

Today’s story is either something

some of you believe in or you don’t

and I will let you come up with your own theory.


I have always believed in something bigger out there

and keeping an open mind

to some strange and unexplained situations

especially when it comes to the unknown

so take it how ever which way

you want to take it

because I have already

drawn my own conclusions.

My sister and Mom were talking on the phone

and because of my Dad’s recent passing

somehow got to discussing

what my Mom thought she should be leaving us

after she departs from this world.

As I walked into my sister’s kitchen

 only hearing this one-sided conversation

and my sister telling her it didn’t matter what she planned to leave her,

my sister suddenly turned to me while still chatting with Mom

and said,

“Kimmie, does it matter what Mom leaves you when she passes away?”

My response was without hesitation

and something I have always lived by.

I said

“As long as I have a 20 dollar bill in my pocket

when I walk out the door

my life is content,

so leave me 20 bucks and I’ll be just fine!”

Of course I couldn’t leave it at that,

so I had to add that I also wanted her new coffee percolator

that I just bought for her a week ago.


Please don’t judge me,

it’s a really good one 🙂

From there I left the house

and ran out to do a few things.

When I got home,

I walked into my bedroom thinking,

“Good Lord I need to clean this room up!”

Started picking up my shoes

that I have the worst habit of just flinging off my feet

once I get in the door

and leaving them in the exact spot they land

until the next time I need them.

I get through that little mess

and my mangled  bed is next.

I fling the comforter off and begin flapping the sheets in the air,

move from one side to the other

taking out any and all wrinkles

than placing the comforter back on top.

As I make my way around

taking the creases and folds out

and about to flip the last corner of my comforter

I look down between my bed and night stand

and there in plain sight

hanging from the chord of my lamp

hangs a crisp and fresh

20 dollar bill!

20 dollars

My very first thought was

Holy Crap!

I didn’t even know

I was missing 20 bucks

and trust me

if I was missing it,

my room would have been turned upside down

the day before

like the police do when they have a search warrant.

So what do you think?

Coincidence or something greater?

I truly believe my Dad heard what I said

to my sister and Mom

about simply being content

with a 20 in my pocket.

I think it was his way of letting me know

that he was always going to watch over me.

Some may think it was just some type of luck

and others like myself

may believe in a much higher power,

so as I said,

I will let you come to your own conclusions

however this is what truly happened

(that’s why I had to take a picture)

and although it kind of freaked me out at first,

I can honestly say

that as I am about to head out the door,

feeling very content

I am extremely confident

my Dad will hear me say,

“Thanks for the 20 father!

Guess I can afford

my own percolator now!”

Make it a great day and God bless!


6 thoughts on “I believe in signs…Do you?

  1. Kimmie if your Dad decided to part with that $20.00 you can be sure he had a good reason.. Probably as you say to let you know he is listening and watching over us.

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