something I needed you to know…

We have all lost special people

throughout our lives

and for many of you

there was no opportunity

to say what you needed to say.

I have been trying to think of what my last good-bye to my Dad

would have been if God gave me the chance.

Taken in the blink of an eye,

without warning and completely blindsided,

I along with my family

never got to tell him what we all had in our aching hearts

as we gathered at the hospital,

so Dad here is what I would have said to you

because I think you deserved to hear it.

First and foremost I adored you.

Not just because you were my Dad

but also because of the incredible man you were.

I always trusted your judgement.

I always believed in the kindness of your heart.

We had so many funny moments

but along with that did come some more serious ones,

and in the midst of them all,

you always had a way of making peace with situations

so no one got hurt.

Never did I doubt your pride when it came to your family.

You made that very clear

especially when you were surrounded by your girls.

thanksgiving 2013-all of us

The one thing that was very apparent

was the joy your grandchildren

brought to your life.

It gave you such pleasure

in teaching them and laughing with them

and I think knowing

how much they truly loved you

and best of all how devoted they were

to their Papa and Gramma.

50th mom dad & grand kids

Your kindness to friends and even strangers

especially dealing with struggle or hardship

was relentless.

You never wanted to see anyone

going through hard times

and even going as far as hiring people at your garage

that you really didn’t need

but creating something anyway

to give them a fighting chance.

The one thing that definitely sticks in my mind

is you always cheered for the underdog.

You truly believed in that

and it is something you most certainly passed on to me.

You worked hard every day of your life

to make sure you provided for us

and the great part is although

we never wanted for anything,

you instilled in each of us

to be humble enough to recognize

that it doesn’t hurt to work hard

for the things you want the most.

What I needed to say more than anything

is how much I appreciated

the life you gave Mom and Mama.

There are so many private moments

the three of you shared among yourselves

throughout all these years,

from tears to laughter

and a whole lot in between

and for that Dad,

I could never thank you enough

for being such an amazing husband,

 devoted son-in-law

and incredible human being

to the two most important women

in my life.

dad mom and mama

Simply put Dad,

you always made me smile

and I think this is what I am going to miss the most.

It won’t be easy on those days when I just need my Dad

to lift my spirits

or sit beside me

when I need my sidekick

for those silly one liners

that you were so good at.

It will always feel like the world

isn’t going to ever be the same

without you in it

but as I said to you

as I knelt before you

while you laid so peaceful,

“As I live and breathe Dad,

and until we meet again,

I will do everything in my power

to  keep your spirit alive.

To know me,

is to know you

and because of you,

I think I can do this.”

My proudest moments have always been

when people have said,

“Kimmie, you are your father’s daughter”

so rest assured Dad,

I will make you so proud!

dad and me

I will miss you every day of my life,

I will always look up to you for guidance and strength

but above all and what trumps everything I have said is this…

 I will Love you FOREVER,


and then some!

Thank You for being my Dad, my friend,

and best of all…

My Hero!

missing you Dad


6 thoughts on “something I needed you to know…

  1. Stewie, with all the love all of you have expressed,your Father, Husband, Grandfather and Son-in-law,would have to know he was special to all of you. I believe he was totally in tune to all he received and so he also gave. That kind of love is a win, win situation. He hears you, but I am sure he also knew it, and felt it. How good is that, no regrets. Love Is


    • Down deep I know he knew Auntie Is, but I really needed to put it into words. Absolutely no regrets and hopefully if someone out there has ever felt cheated by not saying their own goodbye, this might help them to know it is NEVER too late to speak from the heart 🙂
      Luv ya and Thank You for being here for me, for all of us xo

  2. Today that little light of yours shines as brightly as a noon-day sun. I believe your dad read this over your shoulder as you wrote it, kissed the top of your head and smiled because he knew how much you adored him. I had the chance to say all that I needed to say to my dad, and yet every day I still tell him more, I still scan the sky, feel for a breeze, ask a question of the birds – hoping that my parents know that I’m still talking – and aching – for them. A beautiful tribute to your dad – and you are a wonderful testament to him. xo

    • He truly was my hero and you are absolutely right my friend, I felt him with me when I said what I needed to say and down deep, I think he already knew how much I loved him.
      Thank you Mimi for not only such kind words but knowing that you completely understand where I am coming from and how important this one was for me to write down and share.
      My strength has come from some amazing people (including you my friend) which allows that little light to shine bigger and brighter every day!
      Much love and appreciation simply for being there when I needed you xoxo

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