Dear Dad, I know you can hear me…

It’s been just over a week

and although his heart stopped beating,

his legacy and life will live on!

Dad with cowboy hat

With every memory

and every story

we still feel your presence Dad.

There isn’t one person

who you have made an impact on that can’t smile

the minute your name is mentioned.

Whether it be a silly moment

(and there are quite a few of those)

or a sentimental one

your true character as a man

made a difference in the lives you did touch.

It’s interesting that before God took you

to fly among angels

how reading words or poems

regarding living life to the fullest

or not to take life for granted

were only words

scribbled on a page

without true meaning

until now.

be grateful

I know you are watching over us,

especially Mom and Mama

and honestly Dad,

I have felt your presence the instant

you left.

I never thought I would have this kind of strength

or composure but somehow

you are with me and sometimes I swear

I can feel your hand on my shoulder

and even the odd time or two

it’s as if you are whispering into my ear.

I know you hear me every time I get into my car

because that is my time to check in with you.

“Good morning Edward”

and I still hear you reply

“Good morning Kimberley”

as we always did before.

I know you hear me asking that you keep a close eye on Mom and Mama,

that you not miss a beat with Debbie, Nat, Corrie and myself,

and above all smile with your grand children

and guide them as only their Papa could ever do.

Naturally we speak of your sisters,

your brother in-laws and your sister-in-law

and your son in-laws as well.

We run through your niece’s, your nephews

and all other relatives

because I know that tender heart of yours

and you wouldn’t want to miss one single person.

 From there on we cover

all those amazing friends

who became a close piece of your heart

through out every stage of your life.

Somehow I envision that you have

a whole bunch of your sticky notes up there

just to make sure there isn’t one person you may miss.

This is going to be a tough Father’s Day without you Dad

but if there is one thing I will be counting on

is you will be among us when we gather.

Mom has brought you home

and the really good thing now is

I am sure your hearing is perfect

so no more struggling to hear what we are saying.

You will hear that we love you

more than life itself,

that we Thank you

more than you will ever know,

how we miss you

every second of the day

but above all…

How very blessed

and proud

we all feel

to have had you in our lives!

Oh and not to worry Dad,

our father’s day golf game is still a go.

Your grand children want to come with me

to share that day

in your honour.

Something tells me

we’re going to need your assistance


 Also we are going to plant wild flower seeds

at the 3rd hole

to represent your only hole in one.

Putting an end to this is harder than I thought

so I will finish with a quote

my cousin Jennifer sent us

knowing how meaningful it truly is

and that if Dad could tell us one thing,

this would definitely be it!

family tree

Happy Father’s day Dad

Love you always and forever

I know you can hear me!



4 thoughts on “Dear Dad, I know you can hear me…

  1. Kimmie that was beautiful, your such an amazing person, your dad is smiling ear to ear, have a great game tomorrow my dear friend.

  2. Ah Kimmie, tears of empathy and sympathy…I have no doubt your dad is with you and always will be. I know of such loss, and it never leaves. That he made sure you would feel his presence is a testament to your love for each other. May his memory forever be a blessing…xo

    • Thank you so much my friend. It makes perfect sense when you say feeling his presence is a testament to our love. Never even thought of that so I’ll be using that if you don’t mind.
      His memory will always be blessing, because we haven’t stopped telling our stories, and I can’t imagine we will ever stop.
      Bless you my friend, and as always…Thank you for shining some light into my heart xoxo

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