Somedays… all it takes is a hug!

best things happen

Have I got a cute story to verify this one

so sit back and let the smile in your heart shine.

Every Wednesday I leave my door at 6 a.m.

and travel 2 hours to my first store that I service.

Without getting into a whole lot of boring details,

I basically put up and display books and magazines

which requires a bit of muscle but nothing I can’t handle.

Today was really no different from any other day,

and once I arrived I did my thing

and quickly got to the matters at hand.

So there I am singing along to the music playing over the loud-speaker

lugging and lifting things were they needed to go

and basically getting my work groove on.

(Yes I actually do sing out loud and proud to say no complaints)

Not yet anyway.

Now at this point in time,

I become completely unaware of my surroundings

other than where things need to go and so forth.

People will stand and browse at books

so I basically just maneuver around them

getting my work done

making no direct contact.

I don’t bug them and they don’t bug me kinda deal.

Today was a little different though.

I did notice an elderly woman standing over to the side

but again,

I just thought she too was checking things out

until I had bent down to pick something up

and there she was standing right beside me.

Her purse hanging from one arm

with a striking resemblance to Sophia

from the Golden girls.


I stood up and asked if she needed help with anything

and with the cutest little smile

  and shaky voice

what happened next

completely changed my whole day.

She said

“No dear, I am fine but I’ve been watching you work

and you work very hard. Can I give you a hug?”

I will admit for a split second

I thought she might not have been all there in the mind

or got loose from the crazy floor at the hospital

but there was something very normal

and inviting about her voice and smile

so I lifted my arms and said “Absolutely!”

To be very clear,

it wasn’t one of those 2 second hugs

with a mild little hand tap on the back.

She really squeezed me hard

and with meaning.

After our little embrace she said to me,

“I love giving hugs because I always get them back.

It’s the best feeling in the world at my age.”

hugs bring comfort

You’re probably thinking she got her hug and went on her way.


She mentioned to me that she was 91 years old

and her name was Alma.

That hugging is something people should do more

and laughter is the necessity to living a long and happy life.

She was amazed at my strength

lifting the boxes that I had to lift

and told me in her younger days

she wasn’t that strong but she did have 9 children.

I immediately raised my arms up over my head

bent and bowed in her direction and said,

“Alma, having 9 children makes you the Queen of strong.

I am not worthy!”

That actually made her laugh out loud

and I think she even blushed a little.

Before she left me,

she thanked me for the hug and making her laugh

to which I told her,

“No Alma, thank you for making my whole day. Bless your heart.”

Okay so you’re thinking the story ends now.


With the biggest grin on my face

and feeling like this woman was a blessing sent from God,

this day was even brighter than I could have possibly imagined

but just when I thought the moment had passed

I overheard her as she was heading out of the store

say to the cashier,

“That young lady over there works very hard and is such a sweetheart”

and the woman working behind the cash piped up and said,

“Yes she does and that she is!”

Moments like those don’t happen all that often

but a sweet woman quickly reminded me,

it doesn’t really take that much effort

to bring happiness to someone’s day

and at 91 years young,

if she’s still doing it,

the rest of us have absolutely no excuses!

world of nice people

Thank You Alma

Until we meet again

God bless!


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