at a snail’s pace…but we’re getting there!


Sorry folks.

Seems like forever since I sat down to write.

I have actually tried more than a few times

but as the illustration clearly shows

I just haven’t been able to get the creative juices flowing.

It’s been one hell of a long winter,

and I’m not sure if my brain decided to freeze up as well.

I did think about another

“I hate this winter shit!”

kind of story line

but I am even tired of complaining

about how long this winter has been

and pretty fed up with wishing harm on Mother Nature

because honestly I think she’s just sitting there

laughing her fool ass off at me anyway.

(care to bet she sounds like the Wicked Witch of the West)

witch of the west

I know I am not the only one

feeling shack wacky

and needing some much needed summer air.

How can we not pitch a fit

when our first snow fall was November 9th


Taking a clear and still picture

while your jaw

is spewing four letter words

is much harder than it seems.

1st snow Nov 9-13

So now here lies April

with snow banks that may not thaw until June.

Being Canadian,

you would think I’d be use to this crap

but when my golf season is interfered with

I get a little loopy.

So much that I have actually thought about

buying myself a blow torch.

And yes,

a really cool heat resistant suit as well.

blow torch

Wait a second…

I had this exact thought last year too!

Told you I was getting loopy.

The good news however,

 spring is trying to show it’s face.

The thaw is happening

(at a snail’s pace of course)

but it is.

The potholes that were once snow filled,

now are strategically placed

to hone our Nascar driving skills

or Not!

pot hole

Regardless of it all,

the sun has started to shine brighter.

The air is getting warmer

(no pun intended)

but to a degree.

The days are longer

with more hope that we are almost there.

The trees will soon bud

and if they are as fed up as I have been,

pretty sure this would be their first conversation.

birch please

 Guess we just have to hang in there.

After all,

we go through this every year

so I’m not sure why I even bothered

to write about this again.

All I know

is if next year shows any signs of being long,

you will all know where to find me!

golf winter green

We’re almost there 🙂

Make it a great day everybody!


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