you say Polar Vortex, I say Winter!

girl tired of winter


March is here and unless Mother Nature

has one hell of a hot flash anytime soon

and before the first day of spring

which I believe is the 20th,

I am not too optimistic

that snow banks will vanish before my eyes

or that spring flowers will be blooming

and I have a pretty good idea

how that first day will play out.

first sign of spring

So why is this happening.

Guess we can’t dismiss the fact

that someone somewhere noticed

an airflow chart that would cause

colder temperatures,

more snow accumulations

and an unsteady weather pattern affecting the entire world

to which we have been informed it’s

official term for 2014

(that’s if you made it of course)

survived polar vortex

Of course in my neck of the woods,

Polar Vortex is just another technical way of saying


We really can’t put all blame on the P.V.

A little furry rodent who poked his head out

didn’t give us such great news either

and from what I understand

pissed off even more

who had to suffer through this torturous season.

finding the ground hog

So it’s been a long one,

making some of us a bit tired and edgy

(myself included)

and at this point in time,

I will admit that my inner hate meter

is approaching very high

warning levels

and some crazy ass thoughts keep emerging.

kill the snowman

A little too dramatic…huh?

All I know is I am ready to say good-bye

to the Polar Vortex for this year

and finally welcome summer.

With outstretched arms,

 screaming at the top of my lungs

 with all my might

and so very anxious to say

with absolute conviction,

“Hello Solar Vortex, how you doin’ hot stuff?”

Until than my friends…

weather winter stay warm

Make it a great day everybody!


6 thoughts on “you say Polar Vortex, I say Winter!

  1. Great work ,Stewie. I am with the little kitty, not only for the groundhog but for anyone that predicts more winter. Love Is


  2. Good work Stewie,and over here we have already said hello to our solar vertex, 81 today and thats mild lol.

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