because sometimes you aren’t your brothers keeper…

We have all encountered this type of person

at some point of our daily lives.


I suppose if this describes you,

you will just grunt and move on

however you might learn something

so stick around!

Before I get into this

I will admit I am not immune to such grumpiness.

I too have had my moments

but my thing has always been

to never impose my ugliness

on anyone.

Guess that’s why I am talking about it.

I have met some interesting people,

some of whom

seem to feel it necessary

to ruin a happy person’s day.

Taking pleasure in being a stir stick

or creating misery

seems to be a mission of sorts

for many of these lost souls.

That fascinates me somewhat

and I have always wondered

where this would possibly come from

and even more so,


grumpy ass 3

The interesting part I have found

is being pleasant and nice in return

in most cases

almost seems to encourage

even more creases onto their foreheads

and God forbid you say something

that addresses their unhappiness.

This one is a favorite of mine.

grumpy ass 2

Now I totally get

stress and tension

or drama and circumstance

but it still doesn’t give anyone permission

for cruelty or aggression

(in my book anyway)

I always believed

that if you feel the need

to be angry inside,

don’t take it outside.

(unless you’re heading to your therapist of course)

grumpy ass 5

I suppose it’s a hard thing to comprehend

when you seem to be content

within the boundaries of your own life.

I realize the world we live in

sure doesn’t make things easy,

and the struggles of some people

are more than most of us can even imagine,

so is there any solution?

Is it at all possible

to make unhappy people


From my own experience,

seeing that kind of transformation in some people

never comes to light.

They need to be where they are

for whatever reasons

and any or all attempts to be a hero

and change their behaviour

never really works anyway.

grumpy ass 1

I guess it comes down to acceptance.

You either fall into the category or you don’t.

All I know is I always try

to change that in the people I meet

but I don’t take anything personal

or allow myself to think

that’s its my job to reform

or perform any miracles

when it looks like I can’t get through to them.

After all

things don’t change

unless they want them to change.

grumpy ass 4

So in closing,

you will encounter grumpy

or miserable people.

They do exist and some are hell-bent and determined

to crush the energy around you

or pull you into their own

tunnel of darkness.


tunnels make me claustrophobic

and more important of all…


Make it a great day everybody

and yes even you grumpy ones 🙂

6 thoughts on “because sometimes you aren’t your brothers keeper…

  1. That one hit home, I just keep on smiling and being the best me possible, no time for tunnels my friend, well said.

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