true story…I swear!

Today’s tidbit of information

will probably clarify any rumours

that all Canadians actually love winter.

Exhibit A:

i am your wife

Too dramatic?

You may be laughing

but to some of us

hearing the dreaded words

“more snow on the way”

is yet another deflating idea

to complete the simplest of daily tasks.

Exhibit B:

going to the store

Again, over the top?

Now the thing is

there are actually many

who welcome the new and snowy season

with that “childlike” enthusiasm

and acceptance of whatever old man winter

has in store this wintry season

but as I have quickly learned in my later years,

it doesn’t take too long,

especially in the midst of January

and a few blizzard conditions

under our belts,

the tides do turn.

Exhibit C:

winter sucks

Even the toughest and happiest

winter people lose their spirit

when shovelling their driveways

more than twice in one day.

weather winter shoveling

As humorous as this may be sounding,

 the biggest confirmation of all

that most Canadians just don’t want to deal

with one more winter

comes to us from the cities of anywhere

beach sand and golf courses exist

and when asked why did you leave

the beauty of Canada,

this pretty much sums it up!

snowbirds florida

Now a large portion of Canadians

don’t have the privilege or financial luxury

of heading to the sunny south.

Some are still too young  to retire

and patiently waiting to trade in

snow-boots for sandals.

The thing is these folks

 can be a little edgy when the topic of winter

comes to light.

(I know this, because I am one of them)

 I suppose I should

 forewarn you when confronting

these Canadians or taking a chance

on asking how life is going

in their neck of the woods

to please be prepared.

This may look like a typical, polite Canadian

out for a brisk winter walk

simply breathing into their scarf

on a very cold day

breathing in cold air

but I feel it necessary to warn you

to not be fooled.

We talk to ourselves in extreme cold conditions,

and we use the other

descriptive “F” word.

I will end this with a winter poem

that best describes

“winter hating Canadians”

who can recite it by heart!

winter poem

Suppose I have revealed another rumour.

We sure swear a  lot  🙂

Hang in there and make it a great day everybody!


10 thoughts on “true story…I swear!

  1. LOL I’m so grateful to our snowbirds they make up a good part of the casino revenue, I am on the opposite of the spectrum, that being our 120 degree Summer weather where you can literally bake cookies on the dash board of ones car LOL, thanks for the laugh my friend.

  2. I think i may be one of the few who absolutely love winter, the cold weather and tons of snow. Bring it on Mother Nature!!

    • You’re not alone Kerry. I just kept reading things about how polite Canadians are and how much we love our winters and just between me and Michelle and our vocabulary alone, I knew that theory went out the window 🙂
      Thanks for dropping in anyway my friend!!

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