show of hands…Did you lie today?

Caught your attention, huh?

So some of you are thinking,

“I can’t imagine where she is going with this one?”

Knowing by nature

that the majority of us are not

 shifty car salesmen or circus vendors

or anything close to being crooked politicians.

 We certainly have no such intentions

of being pathological liars either.


Hang on a second…

Let me ask you this?

Did any one of you,

speak to someone

whether in person or via phone today,

who may have asked how you are doing

and without any hesitation you replied,

“I’m fine thanks”

Now some of you may be sitting there thinking,

I did and I was really fine.

Okay, I’ll give you that

but if you want me to be technical,

what about last Monday

or 2 months ago on a Saturday.

Pretty sure there isn’t one person who reads this

that has not fibbed through their

fake smile and gritted teeth.

The thing is we do it way more

than we care to admit or acknowledge.

It’s like the longest running addiction known to man.

happy-sad smile

Let’s see here.

You have an awful headache and sinus cold

and you stop at the pharmacy

to pick up medication.

Good lord,

as you are paying for your drug of choice,

you just lied to the cashier when she said,

“How are you today?”

and what did you reply with?

I’m fine Thank You!

So there’s been a family issue going on.

It is a large part of your every waking moment.

Nothing on the outside is of any importance

as you tend to getting through another crisis in your life.

A friend you don’t see or talk to very often calls

and of course asks,

“How is the family?”

and what did you say?

We’re all doing fine, Thank You!

Do you see where I am going with this?

The thing is we are all liars.

Not in an evil or calculated way,

because for the most part,

it just isn’t in our character to start spewing off

to a cashier at a convenience store,

“actually these damn hemorrhoids are burning like a b*stard”

which sort of gives meaning to

pants on fire

I don’t really think the guy at the gas station

(who gets paid to ask anyway)

would be concerned to hear,

“I just lost my job, but Thanks for asking”

as you say,

“Can I put that on my credit card today”

The idea is simple really.

We don’t want to share our little secrets

and honestly most people don’t care to listen either.

I guess my intention was to have you think

about the next time you are asked

how you are doing

(and it just so happens it’s not really the best of times)

that you stop and think about

 that lie which is about to jump out of your face.

Repeat after me…

 “Today isn’t really a good day, but Thank God my ass isn’t on fire too!”

ass on fire

Sure hope it helps 🙂

Make it a great  day everybody!


8 thoughts on “show of hands…Did you lie today?

  1. Hi Stewie , this is not a LIE. I may have lied a few times this morning. Give me time and my day will be full of them. Good job, also not a lie. Love Is, not a lie.ha ha

    Sent from my iPad


      • Oh, you read that one? Haha, no way. I WISH I was lying about that, believe me. But that was truly how it went down.

        I just meant in general. You’re right. I always say “yeah fine” when it hasn’t really ever been “yeah fine” when someone asks.

      • Yes I did and for some reason I believe you! LOL
        Realized my lies the other day when I had something bugging me and a cashier did ask how I was, and I caught myself lying through my teeth! Glad you enjoyed it and waiting for another “Sean episode” Have a great day!

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