almost 50 years later…

50 birthday

It seems with this one quickly approaching

I have been in deep thought

about what the big Five-O really stands for.

I mean,

there are a million ideas

floating around

like looking back on 5 decades of being on this earth

and how I can sum up,

in a nutshell,

what I can say about my life.

Oh sure,

I can talk about the hardships,

or how much I would love to be able to go back

and change some things,

but isn’t everything I went through

the reason I am who I am to this very day.

I can’t say that my life has been a bed of roses,

there were times I questioned the events of my life

and thought I would never climb out,

but the astounding part is,

 I did!

All I know is I am so glad

 I didn’t pay much attention

to the numbers through the years,

or this story could have went in

a whole different direction.

aging 15

Laughter and taking everything with a grain of salt

sure has been my saving grace.

Throw in the fact that I have been blessed

with an incredible, supportive and loving  family

who allow me to act my fool self,

or friends who have no problem

admitting they know me in public,

may explain my moments of silliness.

Now that I have re read this,

you people could very well be the reason

I act the way I do.

aging 17

It’s been an interesting journey,

and as I look back,

I am amazed at how quickly it flew by.

What I have realized the most

is a large portion of my time

was about trying to will the minutes or days

to hurry and be over with

(especially the tough times)

only to understand the true meaning of

“this too shall pass”

Here is how I look at my life now.

I keep the memories alive in my mind

(even the bad ones)

not to dwell or stay in the past

but rather to remind myself,

“Kimmie, you have come a long way kiddo”

My riches didn’t come from money

or a successful career.

They came from the people who have surrounded me,

supported me,

and most of all

accepted me.

I worked for everything I ever had

which is not to say

I had anything close to a hard life,

but through it all

and 50 years later,

I can honestly say…

aging 13

Just to be clear…

I wouldn’t be approaching anything,

if I didn’t have all of YOU!

Let me end this

with what I truly believe

is my destiny.

aging 15

(you really didn’t think I’d end this on a serious note…did you?)

Much love to you all!

 ~God Bless~


6 thoughts on “almost 50 years later…

  1. I love it Kimmie, puts me in the positive mind set that I will be needing when I turn 50 and magnificent next year.

    • That’s the whole idea my friend! Life is too short to waste on numbers, unless of course that lottery thing hits LOL Thank you for stopping by Ms April 🙂

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