in one Year and out the other…

new year 1

With another year in the books

we prepare for what is ahead.

As we look back to what may have been

a good or bad year

we still try to place belief in our minds

that January 1st will be a fresh start.

We go with the flow of tradition

and for some place that dreaded

“resolution” into our plans

only to have one thing happen.

new year 2

Our intentions are good,

as we prepare and honestly think

that this could be the year that we actually follow through.

I gave up on them years ago.

Too much pressure

with the whole “failure” thing.

I suppose I realized it

that one year that I decided

I would join a gym

knowing I hadn’t been to one in forever,

and with being so exhausted most days from work,

where in God’s name would I all of a sudden

find this energy.

I won’t even mention

the “eating healthier” part

because truth be told

giving up on my snacks

was never even an option,

so right there should have been my sign.

Don’t get me wrong,

I don’t think there is anything bad

about setting new goals

in the hopes of starting the year off on a good note,

however we need to be more real about it.

Please don’t tell the fitness clubs

or diet places I said anything,

or they’ll be very upset with me

that I steer you all away from getting

that membership you won’t use past the first week

(or for some of you a little more determined)

by the end of the month.

The way I see it,

if you want to make any changes

in your life

to better yourself,

why can’t it be today,

or next Monday

or 2 weeks from Sunday?

Simply put.

Whatever it is you choose

to better your year,

a fresh start is a fresh start,

on whatever day

YOU are ready.

The gyms,  diet places or health stores

won’t close up shop.

They will still be there to sell you a membership

or a phenomenal plan after January 1st

and best of all…

there’s a pretty good chance

they’ll be more room to move about

in a few weeks anyway!

Trust Me 😉

new year 4

Wishing you all

your best year EVER!

~Happy New Year and God Bless~


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