A Christmas flashback…

occasion xmas 6

Well gang,

here we go again!

Most of us trying so desperately

to find the Christmas spirit

or in some cases

just trying to find a parking spot.

Not sure about any of you,

but when I am about ready

to play bumper cars

in any parking lot

this time of year,

I can’t help but wonder

what all this talk is about

when it comes to

“the economy”


Out doing a service call for work

and while driving past one mall

in the middle of a week

and glancing to my left,

I actually found myself

mumbling these words.

“Does anyone have a day job in this city?”

I guess what I find interesting

is it really wasn’t all that long ago

when stores

(here where I live anyway)

were only open Thursday and Friday nights

until 9:00 in the evening,

Saturdays till 5:30

(some of you young ones may want to sit down for this one)

Would you believe that Sundays

the malls were not even open.


How on God’s green earth

(or should I change that to white)

did anyone have the time

to get their shopping done back than?

Even worse,

there was no

“online shopping”

Just a quick note:

Growing up,

I don’t recall it ever being cancelled.

Somehow people managed to co-ordinate

their time and schedules

with Santa

to get things on those lists

checked off

(and twice I may add)

Now that is what would have been called

“a Christmas Miracle”



I suppose it’s something

we really can’t ever go back to.

Sad to say

but it was

what it was,

and it is

what it is.

Just do me a favor though.

As someone who worked retail,

and thinking back than

that at Christmas time

how exhausted I was,

and that I had no life with all the hours

I had to put in,

(after you have safely found a parking spot of course)

take a second to consider

the person working those extra long hours,

especially on a Sunday.

That being said,

they weren’t as lucky as us old folks.

When they are done taking care of your needs,

and in a mad dash to get their shopping done

(which may explain the packed parking lot in the middle of the week)

they too deserve a Christmas miracle,

or at the very least…

a parking spot 😉


Make it a great day everybody!

~God Bless~


4 thoughts on “A Christmas flashback…

  1. Hi Stewie, great description of Christmas, kayos , old ( as I remember it ) and new.Good job. So glad I do nothing at Christmas. Except , enjoy watching children with Santa in malls, listening to Christmas music in same, and on car radio.Making donations , and love all the decorations that other people enjoy putting up. Old Bah humbug me believes it should be all about the children.Lots of love and again good job. Is

    Sent from my iPad


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