what a difference a year makes…

Tomorrow is one whole year!

Seeing as it will be a Monday,

I really won’t have time to write

so I thought I best do it now.

Wish you were all here with me.

There would be cupcakes for everybody.

My treat!

blog anniversary

I have always heard the term

“what a difference a year makes”

but never put much thought into it

until now.

I went back to re-read

where I began with this whole thing,

and as I skimmed through

I did notice my method of writing

has actually improved some.

Got real fancy once I learned how to add pictures.


(of course this isn’t even close to representing me with those long legs)

but it’s the one I liked the most.

To think that losing my job after 21 years

and wondering what in the world

could be around the next corner

would be me sitting down at a computer

telling my stories.

With being so consumed all those years working

and too exhausted to even care

at the end of every day

about doing any of this

no one could have convinced me otherwise

that this is where I was destined to be.

I will admit,

I was totally insecure

about what or how this would all go.

Really thought I would just be lucky

if my family and a few close and loyal friends

would take a peek

every so often

just to make me feel good.

As it has all turned out,

it went so much further than I had ever dreamed of.

Not only family and friends

have shown me such amazing support,

but along the way,

my fellow bloggers that I have formed

somewhat of a kinship with,

manage to jump aboard

and support all that I keep trying to do.

Even more astounding

are those I have never even met

 from all over the world

who have actually

sat down to read what I had to say.


Who knew someone in Sri Lanka

or Cambodia for that matter,

would even be interested

in what goes on

when it comes to

this little Canadian girl

and her crazy thoughts or ideas.

I will tell you

that I have had my

“OMG, I have nothing to say” moments

and did have some sleepless nights

more than a few times

being very worried

that it was all over and done with so soon.

Even worse

that I was letting down

all those who have stood beside me

and encouraged me

throughout this little adventure

and how they had waited so patiently

for my creative juices to explode

or at least trickle a little bit.

The good news however,

is that those who did stand by me,

were the reason I managed to calm my

over-thinking blogger brain down

and finally realize that the stories would eventually

come to me when I needed them to.

Those of you who know me,

are aware that I make it part of my day

to encourage and enlighten others,

and that I am not really good

at shining the light on myself,

but today I think I will smile a silly grin.

What I never thought would be possible

is now something that makes me

proud as a peacock.

(time to insert a picture)

proud as a peacock

All kidding aside,

I am gainfully employed again

but dedicated to making sure

it doesn’t interfere with the stories I need share.

This little dream of mine

would never have flown without all of you.

Each of you in your own special ways,

have made me believe that what I do

is meaningful and most definitely worth it.

So share with me my special day

(actually OUR special day)

and God willing,

Here’s to another great year!

Much love to you all!

Make it a great day everybody!

~Thank You and God bless~


6 thoughts on “what a difference a year makes…

  1. Your blog has gotten me to look over my year, and I feel blessed and ready for the next season, thanks Kimmie for your little light of encouragement and hope.

  2. Stewie, I think one of the greatest gifts one can be given in life is the warm feeling one gets when you know you are making someone else feel good. That is reward all around. Keep up your great Mission. Lots and lots of love , Is

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