liar, liar pants on fire…

jesus and friends

Before I begin,

no they don’t all walk into a bar.

They do however have meaning

for each of us

whether it be remembering

how each has represented

memories of our childhood,

or now that we have become adults

become a part of our

passing down the lies

to comply with tradition.

There is no question

that the meaning for such events

have been lost along the way

but I just wanted to have some fun with this

in the hopes that it jars some memories

for each and every one of you.

Look back to the lengths

we have all gone to,

or those of our parents,

when it came

to masterminding

or tricking such innocent minds.

First off,

 the tooth fairy

(which by the way has raised her price for a tooth since I was a kid)

Think about

  the calculation and sneakiness

to convince a child

that teeth are actually worth something.

All they have to do

is tie a string from their loose tooth

to a door knob

and slam that sucker

(of course back in the day)

some believed more in the pliers theory.


Nothing like telling a kid,

do what you need to do

to make some money.

Seeing as the rate of teeth has risen,

I am betting some of you

are thinking you could have used that pillow money

for the braces on those new replacement teeth

you eventually had to straighten anyway.


Now onto the Easter Bunny and Jesus.

So the story goes

that a big, white and cute rabbit

sneaks into your house

and places chocolates

and possibly a bicycle

in the weirdest places.

(the dryer was always the one that I found amusing in my frantic search through the house)

and really never did get

what a bunny had to do

with the resurrection of Jesus.

Unless someone neglected to tell us

that when Jesus came back

he had a pet bunny

who felt the need to leave a trail

of his droppings behind him.

Kind of explains the shape of those little wrapped chocolate eggs

scattered all over the house Easter morning.

I know…Ewwwwww!

jesus and bunny

Last but not the least

(and the kids favorite of all)

The jolly guy in the big red suit.

 The one used as bribery

to have the kids do what we want

especially come December.

Or in other cases,

convincing little minds

that a happy fat guy

can actually wiggle and fit

down a chimney

with a bike or doll-house

(completely assembled of course)

and actually have the time

in his very busy evening

to scoff down

milk and cookies

and still cover the globe

in one night with one sleigh

and toys for every child on the planet

strapped to the back.

 Let’s not forget his flying reindeer as well.


As ridiculous as that one sounds,

it did work and still does.

So now that I have made some

pretty fair assessments

to the extremes we will go to

when it comes to keeping traditions alive.

You really have to consider

why on earth

do we still allow ourselves to continue

with all the charades and foolishness

to appease our children?

After all,

we do teach them that lying is very wrong.

It’s simple really.

Although we have veered so far off

from what the true meaning of

these important occasions

have ever stood for,

and most is based on deception and lies

when it comes to our children.

There’s nothing wrong with creating

magic and  memories

that will always last a lifetime.

Bottom line…

As adults we eventually learn the truth,

and pretty sure none of us are damaged by the deceit.

The secret isn’t about the lying,

it’s about keeping the magic alive.

I remember the happiness in my heart

when it came to all the anticipation,

and although my parents

went above and beyond

in the grand scheme of things

to pull off what seemed to be the perfect plot

year after year,

I actually have some amazing reminders

of what all the fuss was really about.

Ladies and gentlemen…

When you feel a bit overwhelmed

in what craziness is needed

to get through one of these life events,

take a minute to breathe.

Thank your lucky stars

that you were duped as a child as well,

a given the chance to experience

the betrayal and silliness.

 If possible,

be thankful for the helping hands

who pulled everybody through it.

Here’s to our partners in crime!

partners in crime

Without them,

how could we have ever

made any of the stories believable to kids

when it comes to

Jesus and a rabbit,

chocolate eggs in the dryer,

money appearing under a pillow,

a fat guy in a red suit

handing out free toys,

but my most favorite of all…

a flying red-nosed reindeer and his cronies!

Make it a great day everybody!

~God Bless~


2 thoughts on “liar, liar pants on fire…

  1. Hi Stewie , really sweet and gave me a good giggle. The lies of good intent. Thanks and hope all is well in your world , Love Is.

    Sent from my iPad


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