just another walk in the park…

Have you ever wondered sometimes

if the things you do

can actually make an impact in someone’s life?

Sit back and let me tell you my story

and if all goes well,

you will have a sense

that sometimes the things we do

can be worth the wait.

Every day I try to walk the boardwalk

near my home.

ramsey lake 2013

Without fail,

I have passed the same woman

over the course of the last few months

and who I like to call crabby Abby

(only because of the grumpy looking scowl on her face)

and who seems completely lost in her thoughts

with her eyes looking no further

than the path directly in front of her feet.

Anyone who knows me

is well aware that I rarely ever pass someone

without at least a smile or a nod

and almost every time

saying “good morning”

(even with my mp3 blaring in my ears)

There aren’t many who just pass by

 without somewhat of a response,

however this particular woman

never even gives me a glance or a reaction.

I can’t say that it doesn’t bother me,

and I’d be lying if sometimes I’d love

to jump directly in front of her

and make her at least look me in the eye

(which would more than likely just get me arrested)

but if there is anything I have learned

is that everyone has their own battles they are dealing with,

or life events that have them completely detached from the rest of the world.

If that isn’t the case,

another important thing is some people

just like to be left alone.

I get that.

The crazy part is that even though I know

it’s the exact same outcome

day in and day out,

and my attempts to shine light is probably for nothing,

I still make the effort.

Well folks,

today my perseverance paid off!

As we approached each other,

I did my thing and as I looked her way,

she raised her head,

made a very small attempt at lifting the corners of her mouth upward

(which I think was a smile)

and in a soft and shaky voice said,

“Morning” and carried on without skipping a beat.

I will admit that my first reaction

was to stop dead in my tracks

and say,

“It’s about friggin time lady!”

but I realized that this was something

completely out of her comfort zone

and if she was someone who was just very shy,

how courageous it was for her

to even make that little attempt.

 For whatever reasons,

I gained her trust in some little way

and managed to get to her

even if she never intended it to be.

So I just kept my pace,

and in no way making a big deal of it

continued past her like it was business as usual.

(of course  my inner voice was screaming “YES” with a fist pump attached)

fist pump

With a smile on my face,

I couldn’t help  thinking,

“that was just too freaking cool!”

Before I knew it,

our morning encounter was here and gone.

Now I can’t say that tomorrow

or the days to come will even compare

to what happened today.

 There is a very good chance that

we may go back to our same little routine,

but I’ll tell you this.

I know in my heart

that every time she passes me from here on in,

whether she responds or not,

justifies every single good morning

I have ever said

and reminds me that nothing I do

is ever a waste of my time.

So if you find yourself wondering about the things you do,

that may look impossible or seem so out of reach,

or just the fact that it isn’t even worth the time or effort,

keep this one locked in the back or your mind.

If you play your cards right,

that day will come.

Until than…

 be good

Make it a great day everybody!

~God Bless~


12 thoughts on “just another walk in the park…

  1. which leaves me saying …”doesn’t surprise me”……. you don’t know this but I will bet,……… you make the birds smile …….maybe that poor lady had a lot on her plate and you helped her clean it ……………….. way to go girl…………

    • Absolutely true Mimi The fist pump gave it away…right? LOL! I sure hope it did make her feel better today! It’s been months I have watched her pass me by and hopefully our little encounters make a difference from here on in…:)

  2. Kimmie I understand so well ,as I do know the good place it comes from. There is nothing that compares to the feeling one gets from doing something nice. Reward is that feeling. Thanks for wording it so well. L Is

    Sent from my iPad


  3. I love when I can bring a smile to someones face, its nice to be noticed, for me it never gets old, thanks for the great blog Kimmie.

    • There is something special about knowing you can brighten someone up! Hate seeing anyone struggle, but the great part is you both feel good when it all comes together! Glad you enjoyed this one April and thanks for the kind words my friend 🙂

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