Good bye old friend…See you next year!

autumn 1

So today it is a rainy,

cool autumn morning.

(technically it’s September which totally sucks)

Like a few of you out there,

saying goodbye to summer

is always like saying goodbye to an old friend.

You love the moments shared

but the day comes when it’s time to part ways,

and although you know you will see them again,

your heart still sinks.

There is  somewhat of a minor depression and gloominess

when you peer out the window on a day like today,

which I would like to illustrate as follows

so you get a sense of what I am feeling.

sweet 44

Deep thought goes into feeling the freedom

of simply walking out the door

with nothing more than your keys,

  shorts and tank top.

For others it’s about swimwear and flip-flops.

Of course some are still attracted to another familiar look

but hey!

To each his own as they say.

socks and sandals

Okay so now we embark on the fun task at hand.

Packing away the summer clothes,

changing drawers and closets

to accommodate our warmer fashion.

Trying to remember where the hell we stowed our things from last year.

Once again I will illustrate one of the faces I have

while performing this little task.

(which by the way, I would love this hat for my winter collection)

sweet 35


I really didn’t have a story to tell.

Suppose I just felt it necessary to point out

that summer is on its way out,

and although I do love the fall

and all the pretty colours,

I believe it is time for me

 to get my whining and complaining out-of-the-way

(somehow you all know this won’t be the end of my bitching)

and dig out my moose hat and favourite scarf.

May as well get myself prepared

for what is around the corner.

As a good friend once told me…

It’s better to be looking at it,

than looking for it!

Picture of me 89

So if you will excuse me,

no sense wasting a rainy day!

I have a cup of hot chocolate to make

(with marshmallows of course)

and matching moose mittens to dig out!

Make it a great day everybody!

~God bless~


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