ALWAYS in our Hearts…Forever 9/11


Every year

we find ourselves waking up

to a flashback of that tragic morning.

Where we were,

who we were with,

completely numb to the horror

 we just witnessed.

I remember getting ready for work,

 doing my usual running around

with the television blaring in the background,

and really not paying attention

to what was being said.

I do remember passing and seeing what looked to me

like a “Die Hard” or “Rambo” movie playing

and thinking to myself,

“why on earth would a movie like this be playing so early in the morning?”

Seemed a little crazy for such violence that time of the day

and as I went to change the channel,

the words on the screen caught my attention.

Explodierendes World Trade Center III

It was almost

as if I gasped for air

along with the rest of the world.

Total disbelief.

Complete shock,

but more importantly,

how the hell could this be happening?

Was this for real?

It wasn’t even a minute into my standing there

and my phone rang.

My girlfriends voice shaking

and shrieking,

“Are you watching the news? Oh my God! This can’t be happening.”

Something I can’t help but remember,

is although it seemed like all hell had broken loose,

even as I was keeping all my attention to what was going on,

(which meant running to my car when I left for work and hurrying to turn the radio on)

I still had to continue with my day

like the rest of the world.

Of course it was all any of us could talk about

and although we scurried around getting things done,

we were all glued to every word of what the reports were throwing at us.

I think the part that got to me the most

is although I was so far removed from what just happened,

and really not affected personally by that horrific disaster

which was unfolding in front of my eyes,

it was the sheer hatred in my heart

for those responsible.

Excuse the language,

but the word


repeated itself over and over

from my lips that day

and trust me,

I was not the only one!

Now I suppose I could continue on explaining

how much more angered we all were,

or how devastated and sickened we felt,

but as stated in the beginning,

this is about remembering.

It seems that with every passing year,

and every passing day

we just move along,

not giving it a thought

but on this particular day

there is a sense of reflection.

A moment of time that someone says,

“I’ll never forget that day.”

So I will leave you with a little poem I wrote,

that in a nutshell,

 honours those angels taken from us,

 prays for the families and friends shedding their tears today

and give thanks to those who sacrificed their lives without hesitation.

For the rest of us,

a small reminder that what was lost



It feels like only yesterday

as we watched in disbelief.

Our world forever changed

no words describe our grief.

Today will be a somber one

a flashback of the pain.

A senseless loss of human life

should never be in vain.

Tears still shed

 hearts still ache

for those who are in Heaven

their memory still lives in us




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