farewell summer…I’m gonna miss you!

summer speeding




Another summer closing its door.

I can’t be the only one who feels a sense of sadness

with the very idea that it’s time to replace shorts and tank tops

with socks and long pants.

That mornings will now require a jacket and a northerly wind

as we head out the door to start our day.

How school buses file out onto the roads with the start of a new school year

and those smiling little faces staring aimlessly through the bus windows.

(guess I went a little too far on that one, didn’t I ?)

I suppose I can’t really complain too much

seeing as autumn is actually my most favorite season.

Something about those bold and beautiful colours of the leaves

on a stretch of a highway

or alongside a lake or pond

that can leave you somewhat breathless.

Exhibit “A”

Killarney, Ontario, Canada.

(which is practically my backyard)



it just doesn’t last all that long

and before we know it,

Old man winter and Mother Nature start their

torrid affair.

Okay so that was a little dramatic and over the top

but hey!

I am the one telling the story so deal with it!

The fact does remain,

that nothing changes from year to year

and if I wanted it to,

I guess I could pack up and open up a Tiki hut on some tropical island

(which truly is a dream of mine)

but until than I guess I have to admit

that I am not going anywhere anytime soon

and most likely would miss

the changing of the seasons.

Just a quick note though…

There’s a really good chance I will be cursing at the snow plow guy this year again,

so basically nothing will be changing,

 except you have all been warned well in advance.

In the meantime,

summer is taking its time to leave,

so if you will excuse me,

I think I’ll jump in my car and take a drive,

roll my windows down,

(only because I can right now without freezing my face off)

and make a point to clear my mind and lower my blood pressure

of any thoughts of that white sh*t coming so soon.


there’s a good chance

I’ll be the one getting a damn speeding ticket 😉

Time to cruise!


Make it a great day everybody!!

~God bless~


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