something for Miss Elli…

I thought I would start off this one with an amazing picture

of my Grandmother and all her grand and great grand children

but especially to introduce the newest addition

to our family,

Miss Elli

mama and her kids...

This one is for you little angel!

You see Elli,

there is give or take 412 years in this picture

and your little heart added 3 more months to it that day.

We were celebrating your Auntie Nanny and Uncle Eddie’s

50th wedding anniversary and although it was their night,

you added a little more glamour to the event.

All those people smiling behind you

are your cousins and second cousins

(barring your very pretty Mommy to the extreme right)

and I believe your Daddy had a camera around his neck

focused on you and Mommy.

Your Mom and Dad couldn’t have given us a greater gift

and the day this was taken

you were passed around,

 hugged and kissed and carried everywhere

and your big eyes glared in wonder

of who in the heck were all these crazy people,

but you were a little trooper

making your Great grandmother so very proud

that you were now apart of her legacy.

Oh, just so you know,

Your Memere and Opa haven’t stop smiling since the minute you arrived.

elli,bea and harold

The one thing everyone keeps mentioning

is how much you look like your Mom and your cousin Debbie

when they were babies.

(believe it has something to do with that precious but out of control head of hair)

but it suited you Miss Elli and we loved you even more for it!


It seems I can’t really tell you too much more

because you are at that pooping and burping stage

and other than sleeping, eating

and the occasional romp in the jolly jumper

that is pretty much what your world is all about right now.

I wrote this so that one day when you are old enough to read and understand,

that you never doubt  how adored you are to all of us.

We needed a new sparkle in the family

and you Miss Elli gave us that

and so much more.

(I suppose we should give your Mom and Dad a little credit too)

Anyway little angel…

You have brought sunshine into our hearts

and we can’t wait to see where your little wings take you!!

Don’t just fly Miss Elli…


elli jolly jumper

Okay, okay…

Jumping it is!

*Make it a great day and God bless*


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