if at first you don’t succeed…lie,lie again!

The plan was simple really.

 Throw a surprise 50th anniversary party for our parents?

Seemed easy enough.

My sister, her kids and her boyfriend would go on a cruise,

and in between the promenade deck and the pool

would take fake pictures of themselves saying they had got married on the ship.

(even going as far as wearing fake rings)

Exhibit “A”

fake wedding

My sister wanted to tell them immediately about the fake everything,

but we quickly realized timing of this would be critical.

Mom had way to much time to question a lot of things

so our decision would be wait till as late as possible

knowing how one lie leads to 2 and 3 and so on, and so on and so on.

 The plan was a reception at a little hall for the fake bride and groom

to lure Mom and Dad there

and to celebrate with family and friends


Easy as wedding cake!

Of course any of you who know what it entails to put on a shin dig like that one

means a crap load of lies, deceit and calculated timing.

Not to disappoint,

we sure had that and then some.

Emails, phone calls,

tracking friends and family my parents hadn’t seen in ages.

Not to mention gathering any and all decorations

relating to a 50 year anniversary.

My sister Debbie, spent countless hours

gathering every single photograph

to put together an amazing 40 minute video to music

and condensing 50 years of their life into it.

Putting collages together to have on the walls for

all to see and be reminded of the exact reason we were all there to celebrate.

Exhibit “B”


Our first scheduled date was set for 2 months before the actual anniversary June 20th

so we knew that would not raise any eyebrows.

Just for good measure,

Mom insisted on making sandwiches and salads

for an evening snack

(which made keeping a straight face almost impossible)

seeing as she would be feeding her own guests

at her own party.

Some may say that was a little cruel but if you knew Mom,

we needed her distracted enough not to have any time to ask any questions

while we ran around like chickens with our heads cut off

and remembering day after day what lies we had to stick with.

just a side note:

Mom and Dad’s dear friend Vivian encouraged the idea to get her back.

Seems Mom took part in the same thing for her surprise party so in the words of Viv,

“payback is a bitch!”

At this point you are probably ready to read about the party and the fun

but hang on to your hats.

Here’s the twist folks!

2 days before the big event

we got a call that Dad had been rushed to the hospital

and suffered a heart attack.

Luckily Mom had got him there in time

and he would eventually need by-pass surgery.

In the mix of all those emotions,

we knew we had to get in contact with as many people

of Dad’s condition and postpone the party.

Did I mention Mom and Dad had just bought all the food

for the party the morning Dad went into the hospital.

Not to make light of a very scary situation

we were in complete panic as to whether we should tell them

what we were up to or not.

Our decision became easy really.

We agreed that if they knew the party was for them

they would both feel so horrible

so we chose to keep the secret and once Dad was on the mend

we would resume the planning in the hopes that no one spilled the beans.

 Dad had the operation, and now it became a waiting game for him to heal.

Exhibit “C”


The only regret was we had to delay the party a month after

their actual anniversary date but

that’s just how it had to be for Dad’s recovery

and realistically any earlier the poor man certainly

didn’t need a room of people shouting


So July would be the intended date and within weeks of the party,

again with the emails, phone calls and scramble

to get this party started.

Well I am happy to report that after months of waiting

and praying no one let the cat out of the bag,

Mom and Dad entered the hall

in complete surprise with a warm and loving

but most of all

much-anticipated room of happy family and friends.

So without further adieu,

May I present the Golden couple,

Mr and Mrs Janet and Edward Stewart!

50th mom and dad

To close this happy ending Mom has said

that if anyone ever asks her to make a meal for any event,

she is just going to order something from Kentucky Fried Chicken,

and in my Dad’s words Sunday morning,

“my kids are f**king liars!

I was going to change the words he used,

but I hate lying 😉

Hope you enjoyed this little Stewart adventure.

Make it a great day everybody!!


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