anyone up for pillow talk?

Pillow talk got your attention, didn’t it?

Works every time 😀

So now that I have you here,

how many of you have this kind of display on your beds?


There is just something about making it a ritual every morning,

 placing strategically

every pillow into its designated spot

or tossing and throwing

(not so strategically)

as you hurry to finally get your tired bones into bed.

(which I’m thinking Martha Stewart would be so proud with all that pillow arranging)

The only reason I decided to write about this

was the fact that as I was heading to bed the other night,

I realized I removed seven pillows

that I don’t even use.

(which I now believe has become my morning and night-time stretching routine)

and it’s only me and my king size bed.

How ridiculous of an idea that we will take that kind of time

before we can actually rest our heads on our pillows,

 especially after an exhausting day,

or try to get a head start

only to add pillow stacking to the mix

before we even leave the house.

I know!

It’s crazy isn’t it?

Considering that I really only sleep with 2 of my favorite pillows anyway.

(which miraculously turns into one by the morning)

pillow 1

Again this is not me but to tell the truth

my bed head isn’t really something you all need to witness.

Trust me!

What is it about making our comfort zone

into a show room

when technically no one will even see it

(unless you have visitors of course)

You are thinking about your extra bedroom with the pillows your guests get to exercise with?

Am I right?

The funny part is what the bed actually gets turned into.

Over the course of the night

all that is used are those two lonely but favorite pillows.

( of course for the couples out there)

3 or 4 is the magic number.

pillow 2

Once again, this in not my bed.

(I somehow manage to do way more damage than that by the morning)

I know some of you are saying,

“I really don’t see what the big deal is”

and for the most part you are absolutely right.

My big dilemma is

“what the hell am I thinking?”

when I see that sale on pillows

and actually consider the notion that I need just one more?

(anyone else thinking a pillow intervention is seriously needed here)

Woman trying to sleep

For some this may not even be something to relate with,

or concern themselves over,

however I am sure there are those who can.

As much of a pain in the ass it can be,

those of us really won’t stop

and more than likely never will

so here’s what I am thinking…

 If you happen to catch yourself mid stream

tossing all those pillows,

grumbling or stacking and wondering

why on earth you even bother with them,

(and you will think about it the next time you face those pillows)

I can promise you at that very moment

there’s a good chance you will giggle or smile


head downstairs and throw all sales  flyers

of bedding and pillows

into the trash before you go anywhere.

How does that go again?

“lead me not into temptation”

So my advice…

Strike a match and set fire to them suckers

and get your ass back to bed 😉

Make it a great day everybody!


4 thoughts on “anyone up for pillow talk?

  1. So true! I put a stop to the pillow clutter a long time ago, they serve no real purpose, and they aren’t inexpensive! I’m on a de-clutter, clean it out kick. Stand back!

    • You go girl!!! Makes me crazy with the whole process which obviously is enough for me to write about it.
      Like seriously!! Who needs 7 pillows?? lol
      Thanks for stopping by Angeline!
      much appreciated!

  2. All the bedrooms in our house have an overabundance of pillows – except hours (though my husband would take issue with that analysis). That way when the kids come home or company stays over they have these delicious looking beds to fall into (once they remove the pillows, yes I know) and I think it makes the rooms so welcoming. Probably one of those gestures which make people just shake their heads and wonder where to put all the excess..;-)

    • They sure are inviting and I have to admit, I still like the look…It just caught me that night when I was so tired and there I was tossing one after another after another after another (okay that is 3 so 4 more after that one) until my 2 fav’s appeared and of course the following morning stacking one after another, after another, after another………and this is why I laughed and had to share!! 😀
      Thanks for dropping by my friend, now if you will excuse me, just got up and I have pillows to pick up 😉

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