to quote Alan Jackson…Remember when?


June 20th, 1963…

50 years ago today,

two amazing people

(who I am so proud to call Mom and Dad)

stood among family and friends

exchanging their wedding vows

and the adventure of

Edward and Janet (Nan) Stewart


mom & dad

Telling their story won’t be about every detail,

but rather a slight overview of their journey.

They wasted no time starting their family

and before they knew it,

4 Stewart girls became their entire world.

sisters 1

Thinking the sisters are going to hurt me for this one

but Mom and Dad will love it

and it is their story after all.

Something very important to add

is our Grandmother came to live with us

(Mama to anyone who doesn’t already know that)

when Mom and Dad bought the family home

and to this day still live with them.


Moving along…

The events in the Stewart home were like so many others.

Going through the motions of daily events,

trying to make sure their girls were growing up with values and morals.

Dad would start his own business and become self-employed

with his rad shop,

and in the middle of all that,

home renovations would play a huge part  to accommodate their growing family,

(which I think was Dad’s saving grace to keep busy with all those female  hormones running wild )

and of course the family pets,

which also became a big reason for more home renovations

(who else puts a partition in the middle of the house with a patio door to keep the dogs from going in the living room?)

Did I mention we owned race horses too in between all of this?

Sports was another huge impact in our lives

(the good old ringette and baseball bunch)

and became a major reason for the incredible people

our family were blessed to meet and to this day still play a role in our lives.

Now don’t get me wrong,

it wasn’t all sunshine and roses.

There definitely was chaos with one male, 6 women, 2 dogs, 4 cats and 1 bathroom at one specific time.

(yes you read that correctly…One bathroom)

however we did survive and got to a point that the family unit

had now  become all grown up and another chapter of the Stewart legacy would soon begin.

famly 1

The family grew with them marrying off their girls

and starting families of their own

and before they knew it,

Mom and Dad would become,

Gramma and Papa!

There is an absolute sparkle in their eyes when you ask about their grandchildren

who are now pretty much all grown up themselves.

Trust  me on that one!

Easter 2012

I realize that I ran quickly through the family history

and there are a million stories of  people who belong in the telling of this journey,

first and foremost, The Martin clan…our extended family

(and I better make a special mention to Auntie Vivian)

but my intention was not to share every story of happiness or heartbreak.

They’re climb wasn’t always easy.

They most definitely faced the highs and lows all couples deal with,

but the amazing thing is through it all

they are standing together today!

(okay, so it’s more a leaning thing these days)

 but after 50 years together, it is safe to say,

 they most definitely earned it!

In the humble beginnings when they purchased the family home,

(which they will both tell you they didn’t even have a pot to piss in back then)

they probably couldn’t even imagine 50 years later,

looking at the legacy they brought to the world.

So Mom and Dad…

As your eldest daughter and on behalf of your entire family and dear friends,

we Thank You both for 50 amazing years

good, bad and indifferent!

I thought I would share this picture of your 25th celebration we took as a family,

and soon enough we can get a 50th taken with the grand-kids as well.

(and of course Mama!)

25th anniversary

Much love to you both

and again,

Thank You for an incredible journey Mom and Dad

What a ride!

God willing,

many, many more to come!!

mom & dad 1

The easy part was falling” in love”

the successful  part was staying “in like!”

Our prayers are that you both enjoy your special day!

God bless~


6 thoughts on “to quote Alan Jackson…Remember when?

  1. “We remember when thirty seemed so old, now looking back it’s just a stepping stone, to where we are, where we’ve been said we’d do it all again. .Remember when..”.Thank you Kimmie for the wonderful memories.. and you are right when you say many more memories to come God willing..If there is one thing we did right in those 50 years it was to bring our 4 fantastic daughters into the world who as a result produced 4 beautiful grandchildren. Great job Kim in writing this little history of the family. We know how much work this must have been but it is a work of art.. Love you xoxoxo

    • You are very welcome Mom!! Can’t say it’s a work of art, maybe more a work of HEART!! Love to you and Dad!! Thanks for always being my biggest supporters! XOXO

  2. Congratulations Ed and Nan on your Golden Anniversary and a special thank you to you Kimmie for that wonderul presentation! I continue to read and enjoy your day-to-day stories. They start my days with a smile! Love you and keep your light shining :):)

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