I wore my hockey helmet for this!!

After yesterday’s big “tornado warning”

I definitely have a couple of things to talk about.

So as Canadian’s we just aren’t summer storm savvy

if there is such a thing.

The weather network issues the warning

and in a matter of minutes

we aren’t making plans to take cover,

gathering supplies for the worst possible thing to happen,

getting our kids settled and ready to find shelter,

unplugging anything electrical in case of a lightning strike.


most of us are grabbing our camera’s

standing in our driveways

snapping shots of the dark clouds

making their move across the dull and eerie sky

and quickly posting on social networks that


People Taking Pictures

Not to make light of what damage Mother Nature is known to do,

or those we have heard that are suffering from her wrath,

but like I said,

we are Canadians

and to be perfectly honest,

that sort of thing which only happens

once in a blue moon

(which I don’t think any of us thought to check was happening last night)

is something that actually entertains us.

I have a really good friend whose father,

 on a regular stormy night,

would wake her and her brother up

from a dead sleep,

make some popcorn and tell them,

“this is better than watching a movie!”

as they sat on the couch looking out their picture window.


(Patti, that one is for you!)

All I know is the anticipation of the

“monster storm”

had us all on edge but at the same time,

kind of excited

(which makes us look a bit warped now that I see what I just typed)

The good news is

 a very cool storm

is really all it turned out to be.

No flying cars,

No uprooted trees,

no one’s trailer landed in the front yard.

Pretty standard actually,

however there were a few pretty hair-raising cracks of thunder

which I will admit made my hockey helmet fly off my head

and spill my damn drink.

(I did mention I am Canadian…right?)

Anyway, no worse for wear as they say.

We survived “the big one”

and the talk today will definitely be

about all the excitement,

the drama,

the really cool pictures everybody took or saw.

I guess what makes this a hot topic here in our neck of the woods,

is when the term “storm” is used,

we think snow shovels and digging our cars out,

so technically what can a few black clouds,

piercing  claps of thunder

and  rain drops really do to us Canadians?

Can’t really speak for the rest


you can bet your ass

the next big storm,

I am so taping my helmet to my head

and putting my drink in a cup with a lid!


hockey helmet

Hope you enjoyed this one…

Make it a great day everybody!!


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