to bee, or not to bee…

bee story 6


Summer has graced us with its precious smile.

The sun, the flowers and warm breezes.

However once that beautiful image passes

the next thought becomes my preparation to dance with the bee’s

while trying to look cool mowing the grass.

This year I think I have this under control.

Think I’ll try to blend in.

Exhibit A:

bee story 2

Of course this may be a little warm to work in

but I’m just trying to figure out if they have this in adult sizes.

(and trust me, if I knew this would work, I would have a closet full)

So now to my next plan of attack

which is defending myself to those little bee-stards who

are not convinced that I belong

and really scare the b-Jesus out of me.

Year to year I mentally run my ninja and karate moves in my mind,

ready for battle and to show those yellow jackets

I am the warrior!

Exhibit B:

(hey it’s my story and if I’m gonna dream I may as well be tall, smokin’ hot and able to kick anyone’s ass)

bee story 3

The only drawback to all of this

is as much I think in my mind

that this year I may finally have this under control,

there is this little, itty, bitty part that tells me that

Exhibit C

is more of a reflection of what I really look like.

(the laughing and finger-pointing from my neighbours deck  every year seems to confirm this I believe)

bee story

Okay so I am facing a big challenge  once again,

and although I honestly believe

that this year I can make it different,

the fact does remain

that no matter who wins that battle of the blades

get it?


The end result always ends with a nap in a hammock

(naturally plotting a battle with the Mighty mosquito of course!)

bee story 5

So if you will excuse me,

it’s been a long winter

and if I am going to prepare for battle,

I really think I should stretch first!

(oh great, the neighbours are on the deck waiting)

Here we go again 😉

Make it a great day everybody!


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