best 6 bucks I ever spent…


It’s been a crazy week and idea’s of writing haven’t been

much of a priority so I haven’t really had too much to talk about.

I thought about the ordeal of the family crisis

we have had to get through and share

but I thought maybe it’s time for some sunshine.

Today as my niece and I were leaving the hospital

and after our visit with my Dad ,

a women pulled up in her car and asked if she was in the right parking lot

to pick up her daughter and son-in-law.

She had (I presume)

 her grand-daughter in a car seat in the back,

and I told her that it wasn’t the right spot.

Let me explain…

She had entered a lot quite a ways from the hospital entrance

and that you need 6 dollars to exit

(and they only accepted coins)

 Now that she was in where we were,

it would cost her that much to get out.

She seemed a little panicked and deflated telling me she only had a 10 dollar bill on her,

and asked where she could get change.

(which  meant she would have to walk the big hill into the hospital with her little grand-daughter)

I showed her where she needed to go to pick up her daughter

and I gave her the 6 dollars to get out.

She immediately tried to give me a 10 dollar bill,

but I said,

“not necessary, think you’ve been through enough today!”

From the second she had stopped I could see the frustration on her face.

(Can’t handle that sorta thing)

She asked how she could pay me back

and I said,

“just promise me you won’t go into any other lots with gates and we’ll call it even!”

With the biggest smile, she laughed and thanked me

and went on her way.

Honestly, it had to be the best 6 Bucks I have ever spent!


As she drove away,

I kept an eye on her to make sure she went

where she needed to go,

because honestly…

That was my last 6 bucks 😉

be kind

Always believed in paying it forward,

but it sure helps if you’re packin’ a roll of coins too!

Make it a great day everybody!

God bless~


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