My Mama……

I am re blogging this one because this incredible woman turns 92 today and I don’t think there’s a better way to pay tribute to the heart and soul of our family!!

This little light of mine......

When I say “soldier”, what  comes to mind ??

Naturally it’s the same thing we all think of ,  but the soldier in my life that I would like to talk about is someone who has lived her own sacrifices and is a soldier in her own right.

This incredible warrior is my Grandmother

AKA…….Mama !!

mama mother's day

She was born in 1921 but if you ask her, she will still say she is 49 and holding.   Her mother passed away when she was an infant.  She was the youngest of her siblings so she was sent to be raised by another family because her father was too busy working to provide for the older siblings and wanted her to be raised with love.

She never completed her schooling because in those days, it was more practical to work  and put food on the table  than to  have an education.


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