running scared…

helpers of the world

Unlike most of the things being written about

the event in Boston,

I thought I would take another approach.

Sure we are mad as hell and so tired of watching the lives of

innocent people taken away from us.

We are all glued to the repeated news reports and bombarded with the

replays of such an unthinkable act.

(911 comes creeping back to haunt us all over again)

Our hearts are hurting with an image of horror

and I completely understand that the story needs to be told.


It isn’t a story,

it’s the world we live in.

Slowly we are standing by watching

as it all crumbles at our feet.

For so many of us,

we try to justify it’s meaning or come up with

how any good can come out of it.

For others,

it’s all about what the governments are doing wrong,

and how these people have the exact solutions to make things right in the world.

(come election time, I sure didn’t hear about any of them on the ballot list , did you?)

For the majority however,

it’s about finding those responsible

and stringing them up by their balls

and watching them suffer.

(Sorry for that term but I had to make my point)

The worst part is that right now

the media will continuously replay

the horrid details,

and find new angles to get us to follow it.

(which really means, don’t change the channel because our report is better than the other guy)

I completely understand that we need to be informed,

but is it absolutely necessary to see a reporter ask a man

to describe watching someone get their legs blown completely off.

(by the way, in one hour I watched this 3 times)

But here’s the thing…

Now that it’s over,

 we will be subjected to the victims and their suffering.

How the road ahead will be painful and for most

unbearable with the loss of loved ones.

(again, don’t change the channel folks!)

So what do we do?

Hate to say it,

but we move on with our lives.

In time we may not forget but we will slowly

put it behind us

until the next one.

And yes, there will be a next one.

Sad reality but this world has been shaped with

so many variations of religious belief’s,

backgrounds and worst of all

the need to be the bully on the block holding the big stick.

walking tall

Don’t get me wrong,

I am mad as hell too!

However, like the rest of you,

I will carry on with my day,

express my sadness and anger with those feeling the same,

and walk with a heavy heart till the story-line fades away.

Our only hope is the message Mr Rogers is passing on.

Now that the race is over,

and once the dust has finally settled

the helpers will appear.

This is the one thing we CAN count on!


if you are listening,

place your arms around those victims and families

affected directly because of this,

and please remind the rest of us

to find strength in the heroes

who keep us believing

that good people

really do exist!


God bless everybody!


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