could you be “the one”??


When I started to write this one,

I had a specific direction I was going to head towards,

but something made me change that.

Sure it seems that somewhere along the line

we have lost this and we can most certainly blame it

on so many things.

I guess what got me to thinking is when I went to get in the car yesterday

and for some reason the idea of opening the passenger door

for someone popped into my head.

As I used my key (which unlocks all doors at the same time)

it hit me.

Back in the day, if you wanted to let someone get in the passenger seat,

you would go to their door first,

use your key,

and let them in before you did.

Doesn’t seem like that big a deal but

just that alone is one sign that courtesy and decency has been removed from our way of thinking these days.

Sure they can get in just as quick and it saves a bunch of time

but what ever happened to the simple gesture of kindness.

You know…

putting others first and all.

How about holding a door for someone with their hands full

when you are out grocery shopping.

Hard to do nowadays with those automated doors.

(can’t recall ever hearing one say “Let me get that for you” in a real voice)

These are just two ideas that came to mind,

and if I really sit and think about it,

I am sure I could come up with a few hundred more.

The advancement of technology  is something we can never outrun

and let’s face it,

we don’t put much thought into the idea

of how convenient our lives are because of it

(however if you are the one with a handful of grocery bags and towing screaming  kids along side you, something tells me you are thanking Jesus for that one)

So nothing can stop progress

and we have become very spoiled in the things that

make life run just a bit faster.

I guess my point wasn’t to come up with some magical formula

or dismiss the fact that technology or gadgets are always going to be a part of our lives.

Suppose I just wanted to throw the reminder out there

that at one time we did stop and think

and in some cases

actually slow down a touch to be courteous or helpful.

acting or thinking

So we may not have to open car doors for people

or help someone at the grocery store like the good old days,

but the next time you do find yourself in that situation,

stop and think for one second.

If I could,

would I take the extra minute to do the right thing?

That’s pretty much all we can do these days

and although it isn’t any kind of solution to bring back

those old-fashioned ideals we all grew up with.

My intention is to plant the seed.

be the one

So do yourself a favor!

Don’t allow the convenience of things we take for granted,

that make us get somewhere faster or easier

 (even forgetful at times)

be any sort of reason or excuse,

to forget the lessons of kindness and courtesy we have all been taught.

Let’s make decency “cool” again!

After all…

It can only happen

if it starts with


live for today

Make it a great day everybody!

God bless 🙂


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