I have a feeling…


My sister and I had this conversation about what life is about to most people.

How we all seem to make it out about wanting and needing.

How we can we so easily by-pass the idea that with all the ups and downs we go through

that we are constantly battling to achieve and succeed in all aspects of life.

The things that make us take a step back are some kind of guide that maybe we have failed in some way.

Take for example

 Who doesn’t wish they had a job they love getting up in the morning to go to?

Or having the perfect relationship and partner?

Of course how can I dismiss that big lottery win as well.

The way I see it…

What we ask for isn’t about what the consequence is,

it’s the feeling you get when you wish about it.

Think about it for second.

When you do get that job that has you smiling and anxious to start your day,

It’s the feeling…

When you come home and the person that you are so blessed to have in your life is waiting for you,

It’s the feeling…

If you win that lottery and you can now help a lot of people get through some tough times,

It’s the feeling…

So I will leave you with this

in the hopes that some of you can understand.

However something tells me,

you will!

 Let’s just call it a feeling 🙂

inspiration 1

Make it a great day everybody!!

God bless!


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