anyone have the time?


Before I begin,

to those of you follically challenged, I truly apologize!

Interesting concept when you really think about it though.

(any of you find humid days even more of a contributing factor for this one?)

Let’s face it,

we all have somewhat of a control issue when it comes to taking on our day.

For the most part,

how much effort do we really put into the fact that

sometimes through no fault of our own,

things just don’t go according to plan.

Speaking for myself,

I can get pretty rattled when just one little thing turns on me

and it’s amazing how the old blood pressure meter

can have me running in complete circles with bouts of memory loss

trying to make decisions at warp speed.

(brain farts as I like to call them)

What I have noticed in the middle of the chaos,

that it really isn’t about what will go wrong or how delayed we may be,

but rather the making up of lost time that will get our panties in a bunch.

We are so completely focused on not being late or running behind

that it can consume us into absolute hair pulling.

(yet another reason for the lovely up-do in the first picture)

We live and die by a ticking clock.

From the second the alarm clock goes off in the morning,

to programming the t.v. to shut off at night,

(and yes, even those of you who choose to clap to turn off the bedroom lamps)

The race is always on.

Regardless of what the day holds,

we are on somewhat of a schedule.

The entire day is about that damn clock.

Run here, go there.

Get this, grab that.

(and for some, that’s just getting dressed and showered in the morning )

It’s  too bad, we couldn’t just make our day about

getting things done when the spirit moves us.

the now

However if you make the mistake of putting this watch upside down

it does spell MON,

and that one alone is reason for yet another hair raising episode.

For those who will go back to check if I am right,

do yourself a favor.

It’s way easier to write it out on paper

than spin your head upside down with all that blood rushing going on.

Trust me!

That being said…

Dare to dream as they say.

All I know is there is no way of getting around it.

Good grief,

from the second we are born to our last breath, someone has the job of announcing the time.

It’s just the way it is.

 Some days may run smooth and like clockwork,

and some just don’t.

I wish I had an inspiring message to uplift you all

or the perfect solution for everyone wishing time didn’t rule our every waking moment,

but as luck would have it,

 there’s a door-crasher sale on cookies at the grocery store today,

and I am friggin’ running late already.

Gotta run!

in the moment 4

Make it a great day everybody!

Who knows…

maybe I’ll see you in the cookie aisle 😉 


3 thoughts on “anyone have the time?

  1. The post is just brilliant and i related to it so much. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and its hilarious too.

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